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    by Published on 02-12-2013 02:11 AM

    I'm sure if you're reading this you have read about the NS2 World Championship but for those who haven't:

    • $30,000 USD was raised for the tournament; and
    • The semi-finalists are flown (for free!!)Cologne, Germany, for a LAN semi-finals/finals at a studio.

    For more info see the NS2WC Site.

    The competing teams entering this tournament are very strong, however, and it is unlikely that any of the current Australian teams would make it to Germany. The community response to this has been the formation of a "Team Australia" (see end of post for roster) to allow an Australian team a chance to compete with the top European and American teams in Germany.

    The idea to start this team was both Seb’s and my own, thought up many months ago with different intentions, and upon the announcement of the NS2 World Championship the idea has sprung to life. The captains of the most competitive and active Australian teams were consulted, as well as the presumed top three players, regarding their opinions to who they rate as the top five field players in Australia. Following this, the field team picked a commander.

    The resulting team roster for “Team Australia” is:

    Bonage (sub)

    JimmyMosquito (sub)
    Beq (sub)
    10% cooler (sub)

    As the concluding roster was Ascension + Jekt (due to unavailability of other candidates) the team has been entered as “Ascension” but you might see us wearing a tag similar to “Team AU|” instead of “asc .”. Also, the sixth spot in the core line-up is undecided between Karma and nee due to the inconsistency of both players availability and recent activity in NS2. However, I’m sure most of you would agree this is a strong looking line-up.

    There were some limiting factors challenging the Team AU rostering; however I don’t believe they have affected the end result of the line-up.

    It is likely most of our games (including practice games) will be streamed on the AusNS2 channel and you can expect Seb to make stream announcements before our scrims.

    Hope you guys cheer us on and as always, see you in Germany!