• Reinforced Content Patch - Details Leaked?

    Update: AusNS2 is not directly related to the leaking of the video, it was making the rounds well before this post. We do not know who leaked it.

    A video has popped up supposedly detailing what is included in the upcoming 'Reinforced' content patch.

    Is this a PR stunt, legitimate leak, or some guy making a highly polished video about his dream change log? You be the judge.

    Updated Alien Vision

    New Additions:
    - Map:
    - Biodome
    - Interactive tutorial
    - Marines weapons:
    - Hand grenades - 3 types, cluster (explodes into smaller grenades), nerve (damages armour) and pulse (slows attack and movement speed).
    - Dual Rail Gun Exo.
    - Marine commander:
    - Catalyst Pack - Drops like a med pack, and allows the marine to run and attack faster.
    - Female marine model
    - Alien abilities:
    - Stab - Slow fade attack which does high damage.
    - Bone Shield - Negates all damage to the front of the Onos when used.
    - Webs - Snaring traps available to Gorges.
    - Alien commander:
    - Contamination - Temporarily generates infestation at desired location.
    - Skill Rating System for Servers
    - Linux Support

    - Exosuit eject:
    - Allows the pilot to eject from exo when outside of combat. Good to popping out to weld the suit.
    - Exosuit dual weapon equip:
    - Allows a single weapon exo to update to a dual variant via the prototype lab.
    - Jetpack jump
    - Jetpack engages at the peak of a marines jump.
    - Alien vision:
    - Completely revamped, no longer need to use it all the time. See gif at the top of post.
    - Fade movement speed:
    - Movement slows faster outside of blink, which requires better energy management.
    - Fade vortex redone:
    - Now acts as a 'teleport'. When initially used it sets one time 'home' location, and on next usage it attacks and upon contact with marine, it will teleport you 'home'.
    - Onos stomp redone:
    - Has a travel time. If marines react fast enough, they can jump over it. Also now has cracking of the ground effect.
    - Alien commander:
    - All life form abilities are grouped by life form.
    - Drifters now hatch from eggs. These can be placed on infestation.

    Check out the full video below: