• Build 259 Released on NS2 1 Year Anniversary



    Fixed crash in the animation system
    Fixed Biomass UI and tech map sometimes not showing tooltip info for Commanders
    Fixed Marine HUD health bar appearing corrupted when leaving Command Station at low health
    Fixed script error preventing an unbuilt Gorge Tunnel entrance from being consumed when a third one is being built
    Fixed Webs blocking bullets and projectiles (only Welder and Flamethrower will hit them now)
    Fixed Heal Spray effects being visible to Marine Commander without LOS
    Fixed Gorge Tunnels being droppable in areas which Marines canít reach
    Fixed Skulk aligning their model in midair to other players / entities they are about to collide with
    Fixed some icons staying greyed out in Alien tech map once requirements have been reached
    Fixed wrong side of the Gorge Tunnel flinching when attacked
    Fixed main menu background sound continuing to play while the menu is closed (thanks Mendasp!)
    Fixed Nanoshield sometimes failing and possibility of applying to dead units but still costing resources
    A commander is no longer able to go to the ready room and rejoin their team to gain 20 resources
    The game no longer attempts to load female versions of Alien voice overs (Thanks Samusdroid!)
    Fixed bug causing sound volume to increase after failed connections
    Lerk idle sound will no longer play in 2D space (Thanks Samusdroid!)


    Improved hit registration of Flamethrower (damage application was slightly offset from crosshair)
    Improved behavior of Flamethrower fire effect when colliding with a surface
    Waypoints and Pings will now fade out while aiming at their direction
    Removed cooldown from Scan (old nearby Scans are removed to prevent effect spam)
    Improved behavior and client side misprediction of Grenades
    Dead end Gorge Tunnel entrances can no longer be entered. They will now show a specific pose depending on if they are connected or not to fix the confusion when having multiple Tunnel entrances in one room.
    Increase size of Hand Grenades when thrown to make them more visible
    Enzyme Cloud effect is less obtrusive
    Improved explosion effects for the Grenade Launcher
    Improved Onos Gore effects
    Linux dedicated server now requires the Steam runtime. This is documented in the Dedicated_Server_Usage.txt file.


    Shadow Gorge + Toys
    Shadow Lerk


    Reduced Nanoshield damage absorb to 32% (down from 75%)
    Increased Nanoshield duration to 5 seconds (up from 3)
    Removed marine dodge jump


    Optimized animation computations
    The score update network message now uses less bandwidth
    Compressed all audio which saves a lot of in game memory


    Dynamic props now have a default model (Thanks Samusdroid!)


    The default Builder setup will now generate minimaps and correctly copy CSS files (Thanks Samusdroid!)
    Fixed security issue where a mod could potentially read files outside of the sandboxed directories (Thanks Deco!)


    Moved location of Containment power node.
    Made some fixes to commander visibility.
    Adjusted detailing in Conduit
    Filled bucked in smelting with cooled ore to prevent gorge nest madness.
    Deleted empty prop_static entities.
    Changed death triggers on lava falls to do damage over time (no more lerk insta-death).
    Fixed flickering textures.
    Added power node to Falls Approach.
    Fixed exploit where you could build outside the map near Lava Falls.
    Raised pipes in Conduit to remove an exploit spot.
    Improved pathing mesh.
    Thanks to SamusDroid for his help bug-squashing.
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