• Build 262 and Eclipse Released

    Return to Eclipse in Natural Selection 2

    Eclipse Gameplay Trailer

    Eleven years ago, Eclipse was one of the original Natural Selection battlefields. Tight corridors, multiple Hive spawns, iconic rooms, Eclipse was one of the greatest maps ever made for the original Half-Life mod.

    Marine Start

    Now, we can all return to Eclipse. Painstakingly recreated, the map is faithful to the original while allowing for the evolution of Natural Selection 2 gameplay. By taking advantage of Spark’s modern rendering techniques and UWE’s art resources, the mapping team has been able to remake every corner of Eclipse in exquisite detail.


    The team that built Eclipse was led by Jake ‘Jonacrab’ Smith. Under the artistic direction of Cory, Jake drew together work from mappers Oliver ‘Dux’ Hobbs, Michael ‘Olmy’ Shouten, Andrew ‘Insane’ Jones, Marc ‘Sgt Barlow’ Newton, and art from Sergey and Yuri from Fox3D.

    Looking towards East Foyer

    Eclipse is included as part of Build 262, which was just released on Steam. Build 262 is free for all existing players of Natural Selection 2, and includes a bunch of other improvements to the game. Here is the full changelog:

    Fixed players sometimes being stuck in command station at round start
    Fixed Infestation blobs blocking commander view
    Server Browser now highlights player count yellow if the server is semi-full due to reserved slots.
    Removed texture streaming option from main menu since it wasn’t doing anything
    Fixed all structures being outlined blue when on overhead mode as spectator
    Fixed projectiles colliding with invisible movement collision group
    Fixed ECHO_HARVESTER tooltip missing when echoing an Harvester
    Fixed accidental use of voice order keys while ESC menu is open
    Fixed bug where marine buy menu did not close when player was Stomped
    Fixed Stab not having a custom icon
    Fixed round start music not playing due to incorrect path
    Fixed WhipBomb showing killed with BileBomb in console
    Fixed loading screens using the wrong art sometimes
    Fixed commander bindings reverting to default if a player joins a server before opening the options menu


    Added new map: Eclipse
    Added new main menu background
    Added egg counter for Alien Commander in the top of the commander interface
    Added Hive skill and level stats under name in main menu
    Added support for new structures in ScenarioHandler. Added one other check path that works.
    Added link to forums by clicking logo
    Added remixed NS1/NS2 main menu theme

    Ammo packs now refill all weapons instead of only the active one

    Limit hit effect messages to 100 per second
    Correctly limit max resources network field to 100 per player
    Reduced network traffic generated by static structures
    Implemented extra precaching to reduce incidence of hitching at the start of rounds
    Optimized network traffic produced by Insight spectator system
    Minor optimizations for skulk movement (optimized wall traces and removed predict wall walking)


    Insight spectator system now outlines players in overhead view by default
    Replaced “request enzyme” with “request drifter” in the Alien ‘commo-rose’
    Servers with cheats enabled no longer send data to the Hive stat tracking system

    Revert auto-generation of overviews by Builder due to Overview.exe crashes
    Fixed crash in editor related to file type properties
    Allow mappers to define custom round start music in ns2_gamerules entity
    Added console command playmusic. Usage: sound/NS2.fev/pathtosound

    Refinery (Thanks SamusDroid)
    Fixed pathing in Lava Falls
    Fixed some textures and gaps
    Fixed some stuck spots
    Adjusted some death trigger scales
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