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    Hey everyone,

    The team here at have been working on bringing the next Season of the AusNS2 League to you guys and we are finally proud to release the dates and details of what should be a really fun Season. We are also proud to announce the Draft Tournament which is open to all Australian and New Zealand players to foster interest in the competitive scene before we get into the Season. We invite you all to tell any NS2 players, new or old, if they are interested in the competitive scene at all. This is the time to get some new blood in the community! Draft Tournament

    Signups Open Now!

    Draft Date: 8:00 PM AEDT Thursday 16th January 2013
    Tournament Date: Sunday 19th January 2013 and Sunday 2nd February

    Draft Tournament Map Pool:

    To signup for the Draft Tournament, fill out the form below and you will be added to the pool of players. On the Draft Night, team leaders will pick players from that pool and teams will be formed to play in a 2 day tournament over 2 Sundays. The team with the most round wins, wins the tournament.

    1. Round Robin tournament rules as dictated by the Admin team and those on
    2. If players are unavailable for the Draft Night, they must contact an Admin during the signup period.
    3. All other League Rules apply. Mumble Details
    IP Address:
    Port: 6034

    Signup Form: Click Here

    Signup Results: Click Here

    Bracket Page: Click Here
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