• June 2014 Draft Tournament Update!

    Thanks to everyone that signed up! We ended up with 90 players, this is going to be epic!

    Quick reminder that we are going to be using v2 of the CompMod. We still have to figure out servers because of the DZ ddos but if you run a server that we will be using, CompMod v2 needs to be installed.

    Here is the final team list!

    You can keep up with the scores here where the bracket is hosted and to know who you will be playing in each round!!!! This is important. At least have one look at the bracket.

    For the first weekend, Sunday the 15th of June here are the round times:
    (All times are in AEST, for timezone conversion, I like this website: )

    Round 1: 4-5pm - ns2_summit
    Round 2: 5-6pm - ns2_tram
    Round 3: 6-7pm - ns2_descent

    ---1 hour break---

    Round 4: 8-9pm - ns2_veil
    Round 5: 9-10pm - ns2_caged

    For the second weekend, Sunday the 22nd June, here are the round times:

    Round 6: 4-5pm - ns2_biodome
    Round 7: 5-6pm - ns2_jambi

    ---1 hour break---

    Round 8: 7-8pm - ns2_tram
    Round 9: 8-9pm - ns2_summit

    Remember with the international nature of this tournament and the huge amount of games that have to be played, these times are subject to being moved, changed or completely and brutally dismembered.

    I will hopefully be streaming as much as I can on both the Sunday's on and kid will be streaming as much as he can on his channel at! I think Ren26 will be jumping in to cast a couple games as well!
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