• AusNS2 Rising Stars Tournament

    Welcome to our newest tournament – the inaugural AusNS2 Rising Stars Tournament! Also known as the AusNS2: Rise of the Tummy Tournament, this tournament is specifically aimed at allowing low tier and mid tier clans/players an arena to duke it out in. As such, no high skilled teams or players will be allowed to participate/use their aimbots in this tournament.

    We listened to your feedback during Season 2, and although we’re not going to create divisions for the upcoming Season 3 of the AusNS2 league, we do want to give you guys the opportunity to play in a more even official playing field.

    The format will be exactly the same as the Draft Tournament – round robin. After the round robin has concluded, the two teams with the most points will face off in the Tournament grand finals.

    Tournament default playing dates:

    Sunday 20th July 2014 and Sunday 27th July 2014 (TBC)

    **Please note: These are the default playing times. It is permissible for teams to play throughout the week at a pre-arranged time that has been confirmed by both teams and AusNS2 admins.

    Rising Stars Tournament Map Pool:








    The two teams with the most points will face off in the tournament grand finals.

    The score and bracket for the tournament will be hosted by


    1. Round Robin tournament rules as dictated by the Admin team and those on

    2. Entry is strictly open to Australasian teams only (sorry Americans but this will be a local only tournament for now).

    3. This tournament is strictly open to low and mid tier clans/teams. Any top tier teams that enter will be deemed inadmissible by the AusNS2 admins.

    4. Any top tier players (as deemded by AusNS2 admins) that are entered in team rosters will be ineligible to play. As a point of reference, the top four teams from the AusNS2 Season 2 league (Envy, Hello. RaZe & The Bottom End) will be ineligible to play. Team AUS downwards are eligible.

    5. Forum Signup is mandatory for contact, information delivery and rewards.

    6. All other League Rules apply before, during and after matches.

    Coaching is permissible, but only from spectating. Coaches may only comment after a game (not live/during a game) for fairness purposes.

    Teams will have access to their own channel via the AusNS2 mumble. Details are: Mumble Details

    IP Address:
    Port: 6034

    Signups: Only the captain of a team/clan should sign up. Players in a clan/team do not need to sign up to the google signup doc, as captains will be signing up players in their team when they sign up.

    Captains - use the link below:

    Sign Team Up Here

    Sign Up Results

    Here is the bracket for the Tournament. You can view it in full at Challonge, and I would encourage you all to refer to that page as it will be the most up to date resource for scores and ranks.

    A few quick facts about how things will go down:

    • Rounds 1, 2 and 3 will be played in Week 1 of the tournament. That means you have from 12:00am Sunday 20/7/14 through to 11:59pm Saturday 26/7/14 to finish your scheduled matches.

    • Rounds 4 and 5 will be played in Week 2 of the competition. That means you have from 12:00am Sunday 27/7/14 through to 11:59pm Saturday 2/8/14 to schedule and play your matches.

    • Captains should contact the captain of the teams they are playing to schedule matches.

    • Please note that two maps will be played per match. A total 4 points can be scored per match, please report your scores to AusNS2 admin at the conclusion of each game, or post the score in this thread.

    • Please note the inclusion of Kodiak. This will be played in Week 2 of the tournament.

    • Please be dilligent about scheduling your matches. Do not leave them to the last minute. If a team fails to accept a match, then they will automatically forfeit. Please contact ausns2 admin if you are having trouble scheduling a match.

    • If both teams fail to schedule a match, they will both forfeit & recieve a score of 0 for that match.

    • The two teams with the most points by the end of week 2 will play a Best of 5 final on Sunday 3rd August.

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