• AusNS2 Rising Stars Week 1 Update

    Week One of the AusNS2 Rising Stars has finished and we are two days into Week Two as of this post! So far, this has been an absolute blast for us to organise and we hope that you guys have enjoyed playing and spectating the matches so far!

    So here is the rundown of the past week for those of you that missed it!

    10 matches were played this past week with 5 more to go this week.

    These are the matches coming up.

    So as you can see there are still quite a few interesting matchups waiting to happen!

    The ladder looks like this so far:

    Intent Tummy and Pi are 1 point apart from each other at this stage, Intent, while at the top right now, only have 1 more match to play. Let's see who will get to the top and move on to the Finals!

    Remember, these matches will probably be casted or recorded this week.

    Casters tend to be more spontaneous so we will announce on the AusNS2 Twitter and in the Stream Announcements Thread here on AusNS2.

    Many games have already been uploaded from last week which can be found in this thread.

    We hope the rest of the tournament is an enjoyable one.

    The AusNS2 Admin Team
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