• AusNS2 December Update

    December is upon us in what has felt like no time at all and we thought it would be good to recap on the amazing year it has been and bring you guys up to speed on what we have planned for the next few months.

    Before I get into that however, with great sadness we must inform you guys that bonage is stepping down from his role within the AusNS2 admin team. Bonage has been a crucial part of the team for well over a year and the community will not be the same without him at the helm. We wish him all the best! Be sure to thank him for all that he has done for the community in his thread or over steam, I'm sure he would appreciate the kind words!

    There will be no other changes to the current admin staff at this point in time and if you have any issues or inquiries at all, feel free to contact myself, Zimoi or Taz.

    Christmas Draft Tournament

    Thank you to everyone that participated in the Christmas Draft Tournament, we had an amazing turnout of over 80 players from across Australia and North America! It is truly amazing to see the mumble server filled up with so many players at once!
    The results of the draft tournament can be found below or here at the challonge bracket page.

    Congratulations to Event Horizon for taking the win!

    Event Horizon came out on top smashing the competition only dropping one win with a tie against "The Dickslappers". All members of the Event Horizon team will be receiving Draft Tournament Winner badges shortly. They are:

    Draft tournaments continue to be a success and are definitely something that you can expect to see more of later in 2015!

    AusNS2 League Season 3

    Again, thanks to all the participants in the AusNS2 League Season 3! There was a lot of improvement from many teams as well as some great competition which made to be a very entertaining season.

    Envy and Hungry Together tied at the top with 27 round wins and 5 round losses and Pi and the A team came a very close 3rd and 4th on 20 wins 12 losses and 19 wins and 13 losses respectively.

    These 4 teams all advanced to the semi finals with Envy knocking out the A team and Hungry Together knocking out Pi.

    The Bo7 Grand Final between Envy and Hungry Together was played last weekend and if you would like to watch it head to the links below!

    Round 1
    Rounds 2 & 3
    Rounds 4 & 5
    Round 6

    Thanks to Brad for the recordings!

    The top 3 teams will be receiving the appropriate forum badges relatively shortly!

    AusNS2/NSL Pacific Cup

    Onto the fun stuff! The beginning of next year is hopefully going to be very busy for NS2! We realise that NS2 may be hemorrhaging players but we don't want to see it die just yet...

    The first proposed tournament is a joint effort between the NSL and AusNS2, the Pacific Cup! Open to NA and AU teams! We will have some more information on this tournament coming shortly, if this is something you would like to participate in. If we do not get enough interest from either side of the pond, this tournament will more than likely not happen. So make sure you let me know either in this thread or over steam if you would like to see us go through with this! At this stage its just an idea but we would love to see it happen!

    AusNS2 States Tournament

    The second proposed tournament is just for us Australians! Here is the idea: A tournament built around teams that consist of players all from the same state. A interstate all star match essentially. If states don't have enough players to form a full team, they will be merged with another state and will represent those territories together! New Zealand also counts as a state for the purpose of this tournament.

    Again, if you guys would like to see this happen, let us know. Personally, I'm excited for this tournament so I would love to see it through.

    The timeline for these tournaments are yet to be confirmed but ideally we are aiming for the end of January and beginning of February!

    Anyways, a long update for you guys, but to wrap up, the AusNS2 Admin Team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Make sure to stay safe over the holiday break and we will be back with more NS2 action when everyone returns!

    The AusNS2 Admin Team
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