• Build 273 Live on Steam!

    Hot off the heels of Build 272, we are happy to bring you our first update of 2015. We closed out 2014 with a bang, two months of sales bringing all sorts of new and old players back to NS2 and we have been retaining a good number of them. Thank you!

    While these last few patches have been smaller they have also introduced some great new stability and efficiency to NS2. We continue to work on this and refine the changes we made in hopes of making NS2 run better than ever and to make room for future changes and updates.

    What’s on the horizon? Well the Community Development Team is hard at work migrating some of the backend programming from Visual Studio 2005 to 2013. With this change we can finally move towards a new build system and a better way for the CDT to work on future patches and features for NS2! You will probably see a couple more smaller patches over the coming months, but in the background the CDT is working on something BIGGER. We have been thinking a lot over the last few months of some cosmetic and foundational changes that could really be good for existing players but also potentially spark more longevity from new players during sales. The CDT will bring you more information about these changes as we get closer to release, but as always you can check out our Community Trello Board to follow development and even vote on items that you think would be great additions or fixes to the game.

    All of us at the CDT thank you for your continued support of NS2 and our efforts, here’s to a new year and new possibilities!

    Added ability to click on a player’s row in the scoreboard to check their Steam/Hive profiles
    Added option to mute Text chat
    Added icon to the scoreboard indicating if someone is your friend on Steam
    Made it so the scoreboard shortens the player name if it overlaps
    Muting a player’s voice/text chat will last 6 hours so it’s persistent across map changes
    Rookies will always show the “(rookie)” tag in chat even if they’re not in your own team
    Spectators are now sorted above ReadyRoom players
    Dropping structures as a Marine Commander will display the location name and status of the Power Node for the structure
    Missing files will now show up in the log instead of being silently ignored
    Added a new variant of Alien Vision based on Huzes’ AV – Thanks Huze!
    Added no_ip material which disallows placement of Infantry Portals on this surface
    Added a separate bind for movement override for commander
    Added consistency checking for hmp files

    Stop sounds from playing on destroyed entities
    Stop Insert from running destructors on uninitialized memory
    Linux should now support non-ascii
    Fixed being able to tell who’s the enemy Commander by their chat color
    Fixed that commanders bots did not work or got kicked by the AFK kick
    Fixed that the Alien Buy-Menu messed up with some translations (e.g. Russian)
    Fixed embryos not having a taunt in the ready room
    Fixed Babblers being invisible when cloaked by a shade
    Fixed menu being unresponsive if mousing over webview while a window was loading
    Fixed sending blank chat messages causing messages to overlap
    Fixed being able to place an IP in eclipse where you shouldn’t be able to

    PROTOTYPE – Added Utils\WorkshopBackup, a simple server to allow servers ops to add backup download for mods. See ns2\utils\workshopbackup\readme.txt for details.
    Added support for servers to point clients to a list of backup servers and clients to download from backup instead of Steam
    Backup servers also solves the problem of the server running an old version of a mod
    Fixed bug that required all http request to finish inside 15 seconds
    Made clients more stubborn when it comes to requesting downloading mods (10 retries)
    Improved progress reporting

    Relevance calculation offloaded from main server thread, freeing up about 5-15% main thread CPU. It is now recommended to run the server on at least 2 cores.
    Servers running close to the edge will now show up as Loaded in the performance browser

    Decreased max GL player damage to 132 from 165.
    Increased FT player damage from 15 to 16, and increased structure damage from 15 to 18
    Reduced Flamethrower cost to 15 pres

    The progress indication on mod download is broken – it stays zero until download complete. Late build blocker forced a revert, should be fixed in 274

    Removed holiday themed ready rooms

    Fixed stuck spot in hangar bay vent for fades

    Fixed FPS problem in access alpha

    Removed random pipe prop in locker room
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