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    by Published on 25-10-2015 04:04 PM

    Hello friends!

    Good news! We're in a position to run another Draft Tournament. This xmas tournament will be mostly the same as the past drafts.

    The tournament is open to everyone of every skill level looking to participate in the competitive 6v6 environment. You don't need to be the best shooter or chomper - you just need to turn up to play some fun games of NS2!

    Initially, we'd like to see if there's any interest in this, as we understand a lot has changed here since we held our last tournaments. But it's all for a bit of fun, so if you'd like to play, sign up! We'll monitor the sign up numbers of the course of the next few weeks and make a decision down the track.

    The following rules apply:

    • Open to SEA and Aus/NZ players only!
    • There will be an extra team grading process after the draft night for fairness.
    • Forum Signup is mandatory.

    Tournament Dates:

    Sunday 29th November 2015 and Sunday 6th December 2015 (if needed).

    Draft Night is 26th November 6pm AEDT.


    SIGN UP RESULTS: Click Here

    Draft Tournament Map Pool:


    The team with the most round wins, wins the tournament.The score and bracket for the tournament will be hosted by

    1. Round Robin tournament rules as dictated by the Admin team and those on
    2. If players are unavailable for the Draft Night, they must contact an Admin during the signup period or make it known publicly in the forum thread.
    3.Open to Australian, New Zealand, and South-East Asian players.
    4. All teams and players are subject to shuffling and movement depending on skill and fairness as judged by the Admins in the grading process.
    5. Forum Signup is mandatory for contact, information delivery and rewards.
    6. All other League Rules apply before, during and after matches. Mumble Details

    IP Address:
    Port: 6034


    This post will be updated closer to the start of the tournament. Keep an eye out for more info!
    by Published on 30-06-2015 08:55 PM   

    Dear Friends,

    With Season 4 now wrapped up, we at AusNS2 feel that this is a good time to retire the AusNS2 league and other competitive events we host. We've had a really good run, and we should all be proud and grateful for what we've achieved as a community.

    We've had some great competitive moments over the last 4 seasons and various day comps, and we would like to thank each and every player who participated. The NS community has been a great one to be a part of over the years, and I would hope that many of the friendships made here continue on beyond the league and this community.

    As for NS2, though it had a bumpy start and certainly its issues along the way, I think we can all agree though despite its flaws, the game entertained and inspired us. With its unique game-play, quirky alien classes and great art design, it's provided us many memories and laughs over the last 3 years which I hope you guys take those with you moving forward.

    For now though, you can take a trip down memory lane and check out the past league results here:

    AusNS2 League History:

    Winner: Ascension
    Runner Up: Lord Mayor

    Winner: Envy
    Runner Up: RaZe

    Runner Up: Hello.

    Winner: Hungry Together
    Runner Up: SHAFT

    Server Providers

    We would like to thank all of the community members over the years who have provided servers for the community, such as endar with the old monash servers, Scatter with his scatterverse servers and Bld with Dangerzone as well as many others who have provided various multiplay and streamline servers along the way. Without you guys, the community would not have had the infrastructure to play the game community. Your public servers also have helped to grow and keep this community rolling, which we are very grateful for.

    Goodbye for Now

    So as we bid you all adieu for the time being, we've detailed a small list of community awards for some of the more memorable moments in AusNS2's history.

    As for the website/forums and the AusNS2 mumble, they will remain online until we say otherwise as mementos and places for community to continue to hang out in.

    Community Awards:

    Best Community Detective: Karma

    Most Insecure Player: Clowning

    Most Personable Player: Lucas2616

    Best Mid Game Banter Guy: Jekt

    Best Vent Lerk: JimmyMosquito

    Best Onstream Guest: Juliet (Seb's Sister)

    Best Usage of Forum GIFs: Elodea

    Player With Most Forum Badges:

    Most Unintelligible Player over mumble: Matzor

    Player with the most random forum posts: Archie

    Best Recruitment Thread:

    Best Wind Tunnel Microphone: mf

    The W00t award for most favorite annoying young player: ChupaChups

    Biggest Keyboard Warrior Award: Xao

    Mother of the Community Award: Mumu

    Most amazing guy to listen to on mumble: TummyYummy

    Most unhittable player Award
    : Intrik

    Best Onos Acrobatics Award:

    Best Use of Correct Mouse Sensitivity Award: Philogl

    Best Stream Camera Work Award:

    Longest Lasting NS2 Clan Award:

    Best Public Marine Commander: Firepower

    Best Public Alien Commander:

    Best usage of K Den Award: Aeol
    by Published on 16-03-2015 06:41 PM

    This is just a reminder that season 4 is only 1 week away. With team entries closing on the 22th March Sunday it's still not to late for those looking to form new teams. We currently have 8 teams already signed up in what looks be our closest season yet. With many strong teams already battling it out for the top spot before the season has even begun.

    Who will reign supreme? Will asc . be able to reclaim their season 1 glory? Can Hungry Together finally be the bride or are they doomed to be the bridesmaid forever? Can AUS, as the oldest clan rise to the challenge or will they get the SHAFT! Stay tuned as this season is only starting to heat up.

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