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    by Published on 26-02-2013 09:23 AM

    Build 240 or 'Gorgeous' has been slotted in for a February 28th release. It is being marketed as a free DLC, which hopefully means it's packed full of content. You can see the full post by UWE here.

    Some of the key new features coming are:
    • Rail guns on the exosuits
    • Gorge tunnels
    • The new map 'Descent'
    • Updates to the spark engine, including the addition of reflections.

    There have also been talks of balance changes, but we will wait until release before commenting on these! We will be doing a write up on the content patch once it's release, so keep your eyes peeled!
    by Published on 24-02-2013 07:13 PM

    Welcome to the new AusNS2 website!

    As you can see we are now using vBulletin as our forum software. We’ve decided to make the move as it will allow us more versatility in the future. Taz has been hard at work behind the scenes coding up a storm!

    As we have just completed a migration to new forums software, existing users will be required to manually reset their password via email in order to log in. You can reset your password
    here. If you have any issues you can email or speak directly to an admin.

    If you have any feedback on the new website, or any issues or bugs please let us know! The best way to do this would be by making a post in feedback forum!

    Once again welcome to the new site, please enjoy your stay!

    Zimoi & Taz

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