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    by Published on 07-02-2014 05:27 PM

    Hi AusNS2ers!

    This is just a friendly reminder that signups for the AusNS2 League Season 2 close this Sunday night at midnight. If you had aspirations of creating a team to compete, i'd suggest doing so and entering as soon as possible. We're currently looking at 9 teams competing which is already more than last season which is awesome! We're also communicating with the SEA communities to see if they can get a team together, as we'd love to have them on board.

    Additionally, our very own Seb with the help of our very own bonage has come up with an awesome trailer to build international excitement. Check it out, give it some love, all that jazz. UWE featured it on their homepage so we're already looking at a much higher profile league and more international interest, so get ready to be scrutinised by players all around the world.

    Check out the trailer here:

    by Published on 26-01-2014 09:33 PM League Signups have opened!

    Remember, Aus/NZ/SEA teams are welcome to enter!

    Signups will close on the 9th of February at 11:59pm AEDT with the Season starting on the week of the 10th.

    An updated and more comprehensive ruleset will be coming in the next few days.

    Spread the word!
    by Published on 16-01-2014 09:59 PM

    Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to thank everyone who turned up to tonight's drafting event on mumble! If you were unable to attend the draft you can see below for the team you were assigned to. The Google doc of the teams is available here.

    The Rounds (All Times AEDT)

    Sunday 19th Jan
    Rounds 1 & 2:
    4pm to 6pm
    Dinner Break: 6pm to 7pm
    Rounds 3 & 4: 7pm to 9pm

    Date: Sunday 2nd Feb
    Round 5 & 6 :
    4pm to 6pm
    Dinner Break: 6pm to 7pm
    Round 7 & Finals: 7pm to 9pm

    Good luck to all the teams!

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