AusNS2 League Rules

  1. League Structure
    • Teams will play one match per week during the league period. Maps are predetermined and the round by round schedule is available on the League page.
    • The top 4 teams at the end of the league will play semi finals and grandfinals in the final week of the season.
  2. Team & Player Rules
    • A 1-round cooldown will apply on new team members. This means a player is not considered a member of a team until the next round of the league. They may still play, but will be considered a 'ringer' and must be agreed to as such by the opposing team.
    • A 1-day cooldown will apply on SteamID changes. This means a player is not considered a member of a team until 1 day after they have changed their SteamID. They may still play, but will be considered a 'ringer' and must be agreed to as such by the opposing team.
    • The same 'ringer' cannot be used two weeks in a row.
    • The above rules do not apply to the signup period. Changes can be made to both teams and SteamIDs until the league starts, without any cooldown applying.
    • All players must be signed up to the forums and added to the team's roster.
    • A maximum of 2 players residing in the USA or other foreign country not included in the AusNS2 League can play in teams partaking in the League.
  3. Organising a Match
    • Team captains are responsible for organising matches and must be in communication with each other during their assigned match week.
    • Captains must submit a match time to the match page via the league system a reasonable time in advance of the match.
    • If one team submits a time and the other team fails to respond to that time after the week has ended, then a default victory will be awarded to the team that submitted the time.
    • In the event that a time cannot be agreed upon within the assigned week, captains must contact an AusNS2 admin ASAP. Do not leave this until the last minute.
  4. Match Format
    • Teams will be responsible for procuring a server to play on themselves. All rules enclosed apply to any server used for an AusNS2 league match.
    • Each team will field 6 players, if a team is unable to field 6 players 15 minutes after match start the opposing team can choose a forfeit victory.
    • Unlimited substitutions can occur for players on the team line-up.
    • A maximum of 2 ringers may be used if agreed upon by the opposing team. Steam IDs are tracked.
    • Each weekly game consists of four rounds, two per side (2x Alien, 2x Marine), which constitutes a 'match'. Two Predetermined maps will be assigned each week and are viewable on the League page.
    • Admins are allowed to join any match in progress and reserve the right to officiate on individual circumstances at their own discretion.
    • Only admins, referees and casters are allowed to spectate matches.
    • Servers should be running the official AusNS2 mod and be in tournament mode with Ready Up enabled and team name reporting. Instructions for team ready up are presented once in the server.
    • Servers should be running the NS2+ mod by Mendasp. This mod enables nsl lights, nsl spawns, and other goodies by default, meaning nsl maps are not necessarily required to play.
    • Whilst not ideal, in worst case scenarios using the NSL mod or NS2wc mod constitute the bare minimum server requirements. However, all effort should be made to play on a server with the AusNS2 mod.
    • If a game is being cast, teams are not to ready up until the administrators and casters also indicate that they are ready.
    • At the start of a game, a grace period of 10 seconds is available for any member of either team to call the round not live. After which teams are required to re-ready themselves.
  5. Finals Format
    • Semi-Finals will be played in a best-of-5 format.
    • Finals will be played in a best-of-7 format.
  6. Server Consistency
    • Consistency checking will be enabled for all AusNS2 servers. Any steam workshop mods that change files not whitelisted by the server will be reverted to the default NS2 file.
    • Any user attempting to bypass consistency checking to use modifications not whitelisted will receive a ban at the discretion of the administration team.
    • Crosshairs, transparent map, minimal/simple GUI changes and minimal alien vision modifications are allowed.
    • Match bans will be received by any players caught using modifications or third party tools that offer an unfair advantage, such as, but not limited to :
      • Highly visible re-textures
      • Identifiable sound effects
      • Third person view
      • Opposing side name tag visibility
      • In-game map with opposing team locations
    • Server consistency checking json files must match the format in this file.
  7. Gameplay Rules
    • Friendly fire will be on by default and set to 33%.
    • CompMod Version 3 is required to be enabled on every match played.
    • The following strategies are considered legal:
      • Using structures as walls and blocks
      • Boosting other players into vents and other inaccessible areas.
    • AusNS2 has a zero tolerance on cheating, hacking or exploiting and offenders will be dealt with harshly. All teams and players are encouraged to report and dispute any teams or players suspected of such activity to any AusNS2 admin or disputing the match on
  8. Pause Function
    • Pause functionality is provided by the AusNS2 mod. The following rules apply when using this function:
      • Pauses are only to be used to enable a player who has unexpected connection issues to reconnect to the server.
      • Pauses are not to be used for bio breaks, domestic dramas, wardrobe malfunctions, or any other minor issues.
      • Each team has a maximum of 2 pauses, which can be used at any point in the game by typing the command/s: pause, unpause.
      • Each pause lasts a maximum of 2 minutes.
      • AusNS2 admins reserve the right to forfeit a team if it is determined that a team is abusing the pause system in any way.
  9. Game-Breaking Bugs
    • In the event of a game-breaking bug, a team must report the bug immediately in order to request a game reset. The bug will be assessed by an admin to determine whether a reset is necessary.
    • After the start of a game, any game-breaking bugs not reported after a period of 20 seconds will be counted as a play-on. Known bugs that activate this rule include but are not limited to:
      • Command Stations not opening / Command Stations unable to Login.
      • Cysts failing to connect or path properly.
    • Becoming stuck is not a game-breaking. You can become unstuck by using one of the following commands: stuck, unstuck, /stuck, /unstuck, !stuck, !unstuck.
  10. Disputes
    • Teams may dispute a match result after the conclusion of the match by contacting an admin before lodging match results. You may dispute regarding the conduct of other players, teams, casters, or admins as well as any suspicious play.
    • All disputes should include supporting evidence that may include screenshots, videos, chat logs, server logs, demos, emails, or any other information relevant to the dispute.
    • No team or player may refuse a request for evidence from an admin if it is within their power to provide that evidence.
    • Matches that are not being streamed/cast will, by default, not have any admins/refs present. Teams may request an admin/ref prior to the match if they would like one present.
  11. Maps
    • The maps to be played in the league will be:
      • ns2_biodome
      • ns2_descent
      • ns2_jambi
      • ns2_summit
      • ns2_tram
      • ns2_veil
      • ns2_caged
  12. Disclaimer
    • The AusNS2 administration team reserve the right to edit these rules at any time.
    • Any updates to the rules will be posted in the rules forum thread.
    • The AusNS2 administration team reserve the right to make judgement calls on individual situations that may arise that are not covered by these rules.