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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    Scatter server gone
    thanks scatter for the server till now(unless temporary down)

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    If this was planned wouldn't we hear some kind of announcement?

    Anyway these servers have been awesome and they'll be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mod View Post
    they'll be missed.
    Fuck i missed the server as soon as muffins server was put up.
    I hate having to wait roughly 1 or 2 seconds for marines to load in on my screen when im trying to med them

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    NS2 RIP.
    The Flying Fish: "i think i gave you a compliment actually"

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    Sigh I guess I missed out on the last pugs. I don't expect Muffin or Corrosive to put any passworded servers up.

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    dont want them to, the current ones are bad enough

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    Dude. Scat man. Not sure if this is down for perm or a glitch.

    Thanks for your time an effort either way.

    Scholar and gentleman always

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    Server is down permanently.

    Thanks all.

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    Thanks for clarifying and thank you for hosting for all this time. It's was appreciated.

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