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Thread: UWE's next game

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    UWE's next game

    Future Perfect is about making and playing games with friends. It breaks down the barriers between having an idea for a game, and playing it with a group of people. Have you ever wanted to play a tower defense game where the enemies are spooky ghosts? How about capture the flag where players canít move unless they are shooting? Or a strategy game mixed with a first person shooter? All of this is possible, and more!
    More here:

    Thoughts? It basically looks like the kinda mini games you would play from SC mods or WC3 mods. Honestly I'm more interested in the infrastructure they have been working on (spark 2.0) and the mod tools as opposed to the mini games that will come out of this. Could mean some cool stuff for their future projects (assuming they don't go broke).
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    New tools? Cool. Those games? Eh.

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    I see future perfect and cant help but wish timesplitters was on pc.

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    Looks like a bad version of the Unreal Engine 4?
    Meh dunno we'll see how it pans out.
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    Dude looks like a lego.

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    these dot points are interesting. Since they are using a modified version of spark (not sure if its 2.0 or 1.5), I'm wondering if any of these can be applied to NS2. They could certainly be setting up the framework for a future game like NS3 with this stuff, but we'll see.

    • We created a component based system that allows objects in the world to be flexible and efficient. Game objects can be reconfigured by dropping on new component to access different pieces of functionality. For example, if an entity should have a model you just add a model component to it. If it should have animations, you add an animation component. Game logic is added using a script component that runs Lua code
      We’ve redesigned our scripting system around a very efficient LuaJIT interface. Objects in the game world can run scripts in parallel to make maximum use of multiple processors.
    • We’ve built a new networking system that uses Steam lobbies for playing games with your friends. The game automatically performs NAT traversal to make it easy to connect to your friends without having to open ports in your firewall.
    • There’s a new asset pipeline that makes it fast and easy to bring new artwork into the game by simply dragging and dropping files onto the game window.
    • We’ve redesigned the flow for user creations so that its easy to upload files to the Steam Workshop as well as download things other people have created. These creations can be used together to build new types of games or enhance existing ones.
    • Finally, we’ve been building an editor directly into the game that we’ve designed to be simple for new players and powerful for more experienced ones. The editor uses procedural building blocks to quickly assemble levels, but also lets you drill down and access of the internals.

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