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    Servers are back

    Hi guys,

    Scratching my head on how, but my server got hacked recently and I suspect someone was using it to mine bitcoins.

    Anyway, for peace of mind I have completely wiped the disk and started from scratch again. Please bear with me as I fine tune the configs and get everything up and running.

    Kid #1 - Compmod
    Kid #2 - Compmod
    Kid #3 - Vanilla
    Kid #4 - Vanilla
    Kid #5 - Rookie Only
    Kid #6 - PUG / SCRIM (password: ausns2)

    Server #6 only has standard maps + jambi on it at the moment. If you need more custom maps, please message me the map name AND relevant modid.

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    oh noes! that sucks.

    thanks for getting these back up

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