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    calling the cooler class!!!

    THIS MSG. goes out to all the ppl that want to prove AUSNS2 is the best at ns2 (which we are) I would like the best of the best to come fwd and take over the nsl barging right's which will be the last comp games of ns2nsl ...EVER!!!! lets get us up on the HALL OF FAME FOR THE LAT SEASON EVER TO PROVE WE ARE THE BEST !!!!


    LETS STOMP AND BE GONE ....with barging rights

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    So there's only 1 semi decent team left on the entire planet. But if we defeat them we will become the best like no one ever was.

    Fame, glory, women, barging rights, it could all be yours.

    Seriously though good luck to people playing. Apparently there's a new balance mod and another 100 micro patches since the last season that have fiddled with every tiny detail you never appreciated until it was changed. If only we had active admins to report this news.

    In summary. Fuck Seb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jekt View Post

    In summary. Fuck Seb.

    Woh, hey now.

    PM sent.
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    SO DRUNK WHEN I POSTED THIS . but honestly dont want those dirty euros and mercian autistic faggots to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by openyafaceup View Post
    Sbut honestly dont want those dirty euros
    I'm a dirty Euro, you hand me down Australian jizz.

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