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    Quake live is going stand alone Windows only client

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    PC gaming feels like it is at an all time low, or maybe it's just that the saturation of the market with bad games has led me to become incredibly fussy about what I invest time in.

    Quite frankly I don't really like NS2 a great deal anymore, but am struggling to find a substitute.

    Dirty Bomb doesn't seem terribly interesting either.

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    Scatter lets get back into cpma quake / quake live.

    I'm looking for another duel partner around my level with Redding disappearing last few months.

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    Is cpma still alive? (Never actually got to play it ) I've only ever played QL.

    EDIT: Also is cpma (also known as pq3?) the same as pql? Or does pql have different air control/values.

    EDIT2: I'd totally be interested in playing cpma just because of this guy,
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    i've been playing cs:go lately and really enjoying it, which surprises me, since i've never really liked 1.6 and source was a fucking abomination.

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    It's ok...but I hate recoil, it's so random, I hate random, how is random skill.

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    aim at floor get headshots, you can't explain that

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    I wish the crosshair at least got thrown around as recoil and bullets still went to wear the crosshair was pointing (or really close, spread is ok if not too much). That way there's some skill in controlling the crosshair, but having it just start shooting in a random change pattern above the crosshair is retarded.

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    actually the recoil isn't random in go which means controlling spread is purely skill based

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    The spread goes straight up but then can go EITHER left or right before repeating the pattern, THAT is random.

    EDIT: Or that's how it was in source anyway.

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    click on the link

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    The recoil has never been random in CS (well, except for early betas). It's always followed the pattern fish linked. There may be a slight difference to it now than in 1.6 though, as if I recall correctly, in 1.6 the placement of each bullet (the pattern) was predetermined and would just get offset depending on the kick (i.e. if you continue spraying). Meaning only the very first bullet in a mag would be dead centre. This was how so many people were able to snipe with the desert eagle as the first bullet was always guaranteed to hit. Then they'd just reload to reset the pattern. I didn't play Source much as that really fucked things bad (like volc says, aim at floor get headshots) and I've barely played GO. The little I've played does seem somewhat better than Source though, but still prefer 1.6.

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