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AusNS2 Season 2 Week 3 Wrap-up


  • AusNS2 Season 2 Week 3 Wrap-up

    Season 2 of the AusNS2 league is well underway with some intense and fanstastic gameplay coming from all teams so far. As it stands, both envy and hello are tied at the top of the leaderboard on 8 points each, closely followed by RaZe, The Bottom End, and Gorge of Nazareth. However, with 8 rounds remaining, anything is possible. Team Tummy, who are the newest clan on the scene may easily be lulling everyone into a false sense of security and be bringing out their big tums in the middle of the tournament.

    This season, there is a massive battle occuring in the low-mid tier of the league, meaning that many of new teams are getting to experience many close rounds to fight their way to the top. This weeks match of Numero Onos vs Aus looks to be cracker, and will be a close match for sure that could go anyones way. Team Intent vs Gorge of Nazareth also poses to be another interesting game. You can find a full write up of community memeber nezz's predictions here.

    However, one of the biggest matchs this week, and probably for the season, is happening this Sunday at

    Hello vs Envy
    9pm AEDT | 2am PST | 11am CET

    It is sure to be a whopping clash between some of the best players in Aus. If philogl manages not to get stuck under any stairs, we should be in for some close rounds. This match will be cast, and we post an update on that shortly.

    You can also find the replay of this week's match between The Bottom End vs Team Tummy cast by Philogl & Jekt here:
    Good luck to all teams this week, and may the gorge be with you. Always.

    • Scatter
      Scatter commented
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      It is considered cheese when it is premeditated, and teams that rely on it never develop a mid game. Having said that I don't have a problem with it as you should be able to detect when it's going to happen and act accordingly.

      DUCKVILLELOL commented
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      Originally posted by Scatter
      It is considered cheese when it is premeditated, and teams that rely on it never develop a mid game. Having said that I don't have a problem with it as you should be able to detect when it's going to happen and act accordingly.
      Yeah, and fair enough too.

    • OldWick
      OldWick commented
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      Originally posted by NSAuroN2
      anyway gent's expect 4 base rush victories from GoN And intent to be very displeased.
      Rather pleased with the turnout.
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