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Build 265 Update notes


  • Build 265 Update

    Today, a new map: Kodiak, created by community mapper and modder Loki, was released officially as part of Natural Selection 2! This day is the culmination of months of hard work by Loki to create a map that stands proudly alongside the previous eight official maps.

    Kodiak is now available for everyone to play, and will automatically download from Steam when you next update Natural Selection 2 via the Steam client. All official servers will be running Kodiak only for the next few days.

    Upper Rapids

    Lush vegetation, free flowing rivers, and vistas of an asteroid field characterise Kodiak. Three enormous Biospheres run down the centre, forming the path for a river and dense vegetation. These areas create gameplay the likes of which Natural Selection 2 has never seen, with aliens and marines alike playing hide and seek among the foliage.

    Kodiak Armour

    There is much more to this story than just a new map. Today, the Kodiak Pack was released on Steam! The Kodiak Pack includes new camouflage armour for Frontiersmen, Exosuits, and Skulks, and a new Kodiak Shoulder Pad. Naturally, when fighting in the forest, you will want to blend in, and you can also wear these new armours on any map!

    Kodiak was created by a community mapper: Loki, and for every copy of the Kodiak Pack sold on Steam, Loki will get 50% of the earnings. This means that every time someone buys the Kodiak Pack, they are not just getting sweet new NS2 gear and supporting Unknown Worlds, they are also directly supporting the Natural Selection 2 modding community.

    Kodiak Skulks – Watch the trees…

    At Unknown Worlds, it is our hope that many people will choose to reward Loki for his efforts in creating Kodiak, by purchasing the Kodiak Pack on Steam. And that happens, this may be the first of many times in which amazing community content is incorporated into Natural Selection 2.

    Kodiak Exosuit

    All of the toys included in the Kodiak Pack can be accessed via a new in-game customisation system, accessed through the main menu while in a server. Special Edition, Deluxe Edition, Reinforcement Program, World Championship, and of course Kodiak armour, lifeforms, and badges may be accessed in this menu, and previewed live.

    New Customisation System

    This new customisation system is a hint at what is going on under the hood in the Kodiak Update: Lots. Loki was not the only community member to work on this update, countless others have been working directly on Kodiak to take it beyond the map, and into the core game.

    Rantology took charge of the art direction of Kodiak, designing and creating the new items available in the Kodiak Pack, the customisation sytem, and other elements of the update.

    Kodiak Shoulder Pad – Available as part of the Kodiak Pack

    SamusDroid was the technical leader of the project, coding in all the new features and fixes. SamusDroid has spent untold hours on engineering the Kodiak Update, and the care and attention he has shown towards Natural Selection 2 and the needs of its players is truly wonderful.

    The Unknown Worlds playtest group, now number over sixty dedicated individuals, pulled out all the stops to test, test, test and test the Kodiak Update for hours on end. They also served as Academy Award winning actors in the Kodiak Trailer!

    Some of the playtest group posing for a photo after a long day of trailer filming

    This is a very exciting Natural Selection 2 update. This game is now over one and a half years old on Steam, and by any reasonable standard, that is a long time to go while still receiving active development attention. The Kodiak Update is not just fun, it is also a test: Could this new development method, combining the talents of Unknown Worlds and devoted Natural Selection 2 players, yield even more updates in future? See the full changelog below:

    • Fixed massive lag caused when using webadmin on a server
    • Fixed force even teams causing script errors, server crashes, and ghost player models
    • Force even teams is now pre-game only and has a new console command sv_forceeventeams
    • Fixed Insight Spectator System not supporting spaces in team names. Use team1 and team2 commands individually not the teams command
    • Fixed Alien structures not pulsing red when taking damage from being uncysted
    • Fixed Hallucinations all being normal variant model
    • Fixed shoulder patches and visors not fading with a dead Marine
    • Fixed failing to connect to a server first try with extra precaching on
    • Fixed unbuilt Command Stations showing “locked” screen
    • Fixed % in server name breaking the scoreboard
    • Fixed entering in blank values in option menu numerical input causing script errors
    • Fixed Skulk growl sound always playing when holding the walk key
    • Fixed getting stomped by Onos with welder causing running animation
    • Fixed Fade and Onos view models being outlined
    • Fixed missing first person view model for Female Nerve Gas Grenades
    • Fixed Marines that get killed by Stomp play the “stand up” animation before turning into a ragdoll
    • Fixed flinch animation on Sentry Batteries not looping
    • Fixed outdated Docking and Tram loading screens
    • Fixed evolve last upgrade key working with console open
    • Changed default Marine skin option name from “Green” to “Normal” for consistency with other options

    • Added new map Kodiak, by Loki
    • Added Kodiak Update DLC
    • Added Kodiak camouflage marines, skulks, and exosuit
    • Added Kodiak shoulder pad
    • Added an in-game player customization menu (open menu while in game to see)
    • Added player names to minimap. Added GUI option, and console command minimapnames to toggle the names
    • Added Biodome concept art to loading screens
    • Added mod download percentage to loading screen
    • Parasited Marine name tags and minimap blips now appear yellow
    • Added console command filmsmoothing will now adjust the mouse movement scalar while in film mode
    • Improved chat wrapping method to work better over more resolutions
    • Added port field to create listen server page
    • Lowered minimum mouse sensitivity to 0.01

    • Added support for UTF-8 in font rendering
    • Removed OpenGL support for Windows
    • Implemented texture atlasing for Rifle and Exosuit textures (Click here for more information on this change)
    • Fixed Builder not copying over .entry files
    • Added support for non-clingable geometry to stop Skulks/Lerks/Mines/Clogs clinging to invisible geometry. Use surface = “nocling” in material file
    • Added support for toggling highlight of models in Alien Vision through code
    • Added support for animated models using AnimatedModel.lua

    • Fixed Commander building exploits in Sub Sector and The Dome
    • Fixed exploit that allowed Lerks to get out of the map
    • Fixed invisible wall in C12 pillar

    • Removed Agri Labs vent from Commander view
    • Fixed stuck spot in Condensors vent

    • Fixed mismatching glass in Landing Pad
    • Fixed Gorge Bile exploit spots in Landing Pad (Once and for all)
    • Added nocling geometry in Courtyard and Landing Pad
    • Fixed hole in Departures
    • Fixed pathing in Pressure Control
    • Fixed pipes around Stability Monitoring

    • Fixed invalid triangles causing pathing issues

    • Added nocling geometry in Crevice

    • nezz
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      Originally posted by Decoy!
      Fun fact: I was sober when I shared. I thought it was going to be released the next day or something to up the hype, no idea that they were trying to keep a hold on it until the patch. I just love the Australians and want to share with them...
      if you weren't drunk you where high as fuck. hi5.

    • Rocky
      Rocky commented
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      So yeah not to be a downer or anything but that new map.. is err.. so so :|

      DUCKVILLELOL commented
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      Originally posted by Rocky
      So yeah not to be a downer or anything but that new map.. is err.. so so :|
      I'm scared to play it against you guys who have that black skulk skin, glhf ever finding you guys in that central bit
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