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AusNS2 August Update: Season Three, Rising Stars


  • AusNS2 August Update: Season Three, Rising Stars

    AusNS2 Season Three

    The team here at AusNS2 are excited to bring you guys another season for the AusNS2 League this year! Teams of all skill levels can fight it out in a round robin format similar to that of Season 2 from earlier in the year.

    This time around however we will be using the 2nd Revision of the Competitive Mod as default for the entirety of the season. We will be providing a forum thread with all of the rule changes within the next few days.

    We are really looking forward to teams of all skill levels joining up and getting involved!

    Signup Dates

    13th August, 2014 - 31st August 2014

    League Start

    Monday 1st September

    To create a team, click on the 'League' tab on the top of the webpage, and then scroll down to the 'Create a Team' link. Follow the prompts and you should be all set! To join the Season with a pre-existing team just click on the 'League' tab on the top of the webpage and scroll down to find the 'Sign team up for Season' link on the League homepage.

    If you have any questions feel free to comment on this thread or message myself, bonage, Taz or Zimoi about the upcoming Season.

    Rising Stars

    Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the AusNS2 Rising Stars tournament! It was a blast to watch all of you guys battling it out to win the coveted Rising Star championship and accompanying AusNS2 forum badge!

    For those of you that missed it here was the final scorecard!

    Congratulations to Intent for winning the Rising Stars Tournament with -/AUS/- taking 2nd place in the grueling Bo5 Grand Final.

    Here is the Bo5 match casted by Tumhole, Jekt and bonage!

    Thank you guys for your continued support of AusNS2!

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      Originally posted by nezz
      w00t stop being a silly asian your whole life.
      Can't help it nezz..where else you gna get your jokes from nub.

    • bonage
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      Tomorrow (Sunday Aug 31st) is the last day to sign up folks. Make sure if you are playing, that you click the sign up button on the left hand column of the league page.

      A full schedule of maps and matchups will be announced either late Sunday or on Monday.

    • kid
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      note that t2taka has been hosting NS2 servers in his house in Japan (i suspect on sexy Japanese fiber). Very stable with pings of approx 140-150 for me. Could be worth investigating if we need an international server for mutual pings.
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