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  • Season Two Season Two

    We here at couldn't be more excited to bring you another Season of our awesome League. With great pleasure, it is time to let you know when you can get your hands dirty in the Australian NS2 Competitive Scene!

    Following a largely successful first Season, there are a few changes coming to the format and other rules to do with the League that you will be hearing about in next few weeks. I will outline a few of them now.

    2 Maps, 4 Rounds
    After many requests for extending the match time, you will be happy to hear that we are extending the format of matches to be 2 maps and 4 rounds.

    AusNS2 Mod
    Thanks to Dragon for helping us out with our own fully fledged AusNS2 Mod, which is fully connected to our database, as well as providing updated interpolation, move rates and friendly fire.

    SEA Teams
    We are proud to welcome South East Asian teams to our competitive community for this Season and hopefully Seasons in the future! Teams from Singapore and Korea just to name a few countries are welcome to sign up!

    This is just a taste of what is in store. We will keep you updated with the details in the weeks coming up.

    Signup Dates

    Signup Period Start: 20th January 2014
    Signup Period Finish: 9th February 2014

    League Start: 10th February 2014

    • Mouse
      Mouse commented
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      I think AUS is a good shot for 3rd atm.

    • Ghosthree3
      Ghosthree3 commented
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      AUS will win by default by having enough players to continue playing after everyone else randomly goes mia.

    • OutSiDeR
      OutSiDeR commented
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      Originally posted by Mouse
      I think AUS is a good shot for 3rd atm.
      thats the way
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