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Clash of the Clans - AusNS2 Pre-League Tournament


  • Clash of the Clans - AusNS2 Pre-League Tournament

    Following the success of MF's Draft Tournament that is still currently in progress, is pleased to announce the:

    CLASH OF THE CLANS pre-league tournament!

    Does your clan have what it takes to be the best in Australia? Does your clan have the best bhop skillz, or the best aimbots?

    With the incoming brand spanking new AusNS2 League system edging closer to release later in the year, we thought we'd let you guys duke it out and see which will be the clan to beat when the league gets up and running!

    Tournament info:

    • Format
      • 6v6
      • Round Robin, with predetermined maps.
      • Bo2 games until grand finals, where Bo5 is played.
      • the two teams with the most points will progress to the grand final.

    • Teams
      • Any clan, new or old, is welcome to sign up. For this particular tournament, clans must reside in the Pacific Region.

    • Scheduling
      • Depending on the number of signups, the first set of games will be played Sunday August 4th 5pm - 9pm AEST with a 1hr break at 7pm for dinner.
      • 2nd Weekend of play: Sunday August 11th.
      • Grand Finals will be played on either Monday August 19th, Tuesday August 20th, or Wednesday August 21st. This will be discussed between the two captains and AusNS2 admin staff.


    As teams sign up, the bracket for the tournament will be updated here

    Most of the tournament will be streamed on the twitch channel.

    Current Team List

    Snx #1
    Snx #2
    lord mayor
    About 20%
    O Victory

    Stayed tuned for more updates folks, and start scrimming!

    • Zimoi
      Zimoi commented
      Editing a comment
      Amazed no one has posted in here yet?

      Congrats to nRK for winning the tournament!

    • Mouse
      Mouse commented
      Editing a comment
      The lack of an official update probably contributed to that.

    • bonage
      bonage commented
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      yeah sorry guys I was a bit busy over the last 24 hours.

      A big Congratulations to nRk for taking out the tournament! A great marine win on tram helped them take the title, giving them a 3-1 victory in the Best of 5 final. Not to be forgotten, team ascension played well throughout the tournament and were a force to be reckoned with, but just fell short in their final alien round.

      You can find the replays of the finals in the links below (2 links due to a stream hiccup)



      Thank you to all the clans/teams that participated -- we hope that you all enjoyed yourself and will be ready to roll again when the official league starts up very soon (watch for an announcement in the next week or so).
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