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  • June 2014 Draft Tournament

    SIGN UP HERE (but also read the rules!)

    It is time again for another Draft Tournament! This tournament will be mostly the same, with a few things that we are changing this time around to include more people, and make the teams that little bit fairer. We have had very successful tournaments in the past and we are looking to improve on this with every tournament we run.

    The changes are as follows:

    • Now open to US/SEA NS2 players!
    • There will be an extra team grading process after the draft night for fairness.
    • Forum Signup is mandatory.

    We invite you all to tell any NS2 players, new or old, if they are interested in the competitive scene at all that this is where to start! Feel free to advertise in game to players that you think might be interested in a competition like this as there could not be a better time to get into this game!

    Draft Date:
    6:00 PM AEST Thursday 12th June 2014

    Tournament Dates:
    Sunday 15th June 2014 and Sunday 22nd June 2014

    [ Timezone converter: ]

    Draft Tournament Map Pool:

    To signup for the Draft Tournament, fill out the form below and you will be added to the pool of players. On the Draft Night, team leaders will pick players from that pool and teams will be formed to play in a 2 day tournament over 2 Sundays. Teams will be reviewed by the admins for fairness based on player skill as dictated by the signup forms and our personal but objective discretion.

    The team with the most round wins, wins the tournament.

    The score and bracket for the tournament will be hosted by

    Bracket Page: Click Here

    1. Round Robin tournament rules as dictated by the Admin team and those on
    2. If players are unavailable for the Draft Night, they must contact an Admin during the signup period or make it known publicly in the forum thread.
    3.Open to Australian, New Zealand, American and South-East Asian players.
    4. All teams and players are subject to shuffling and movement depending on skill and fairness as judged by the Admins in the grading process.
    5. Forum Signup is mandatory for contact, information delivery and rewards.
    6. All other League Rules apply before, during and after matches. Mumble Details
    IP Address:
    Port: 6034

    Signup Results: Click Here

    • elodea
      elodea commented
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      An open letter to Ausns2 draft tournament guy

      Dear Customer relations,

      I am writing to thank you for the recent experience provided at your establishment. I definitely played during the draft tournament, and oh believe me, you did not fail in providing an experience!

      I have never been more shocked in my life at the quality of organisation and impartiality displayed in this tournament. By the way, this letter is utterly accurate and honest about the events that transpired on the 15th of June 2014. You can rest easy placing your trust in me, because i sponsor children in africa. Now, i am not one prone to naming and shaming, so let me assure you that this matter is not one to be taken lightly. Unfortunately the trangressions that took place have left me with no other option for recompense

      I was part of the team some call 'goonsack' (you may know of us), and had just won our first (and last) round. However, due to the actions of one of your so called 'admins' some call 'bonage', we were condemned not to win another round for the rest of the tournament.

      This bonage character INTRUDED into the server and initiated a string of objectionable actions that put our team off our game. He fed us false information about which server we were supposed to play our game, then laughed evilly when corrected. Telling me to, and i quote without embellishment, "Go back to the cotton field where you belong", and other hateful comments like "NS2 has no tolerance for savages who play PA". He treated our team with a tone that suggested he thought of us as the scum of the earth. And this was just one of the lighter offenses that took place. I would not dare grace your ears with the rest of what transpired at the hands of this unsavoury character.

      All of this was done with malicious intent, further lending credibility to the theory that this bonage character is a sheep in wolves clothing, bought and paid for by another group of unscrupulous individuals some call "ejekt". It is plain to see this connection. How else does a team that believes they should be 'ejected' from the tournament somehow chance their greedy paws on the first place trophy? I'll tell you how! All along they have been laughing at you right infront of your face, taunting you about the advantages they gain by way of blatant corruption.

      Under any fair and just circumstance, they would have been 'ejekted' from the tournament. But once again, the hands of the unscrupulous bonage weaved their way in, twisting the purity of justice like tendrils of evil.

      I hope you understand the gravity of this situation, as the reputation of the goonsack name has been tarnished beyond repair. I sincerely doubt you will respond accordingly with the swift hammer of justice to smote this bonage character upon the mountainside, thus ending his reign of terror. Nevertheless, I would like a full refund

      A disgruntled customer who appreciates arnott's pizza shapes
      Last edited by elodea; 25-06-2014, 09:46 PM.

    • OldWick
      OldWick commented
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      Yeah this one was a lot of fun, maybe next time we can have some more rules around using subs though. Didn't jekts team not just use Philogl for all there games even though he didn't sign up, and having players like Golden being the main sub is also a bit rough for some.

    • Rod
      Rod commented
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      Didn't Golden just comm though Oldwick? If so my 2 cents is that it's not too much of an issue.

      I think it's important to consider the impact that teams forfeiting affects the overall results of the tournament as well when you consider the impact of subs. If some teams get free wins from fairly strong teams who couldn't field 6 at that particular time, while other teams of similar strength have to play them (and potentially lose one or two games), I think that having people sub is definitely the lesser of two evils. Even if the subs are good players.
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