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New Shadow Lifeforms and Eclipse Teaser for NS2 1 Year Anniversary


  • New Shadow Lifeforms and Eclipse Teaser for NS2 1 Year Anniversary

    Along with an updated build, there have been some updates to the Shadow Reinforcement Package.

    Shadow Lerk

    Shadow Gorge

    As well as this, UWE teased a new map; Eclipse.

    • Spider
      Spider commented
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      A remake of ns2_metal was started ( and the screenshots look very promising. Although the last update was over a year.

      mf has been on his back about it.

    • Scatter
      Scatter commented
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      Not terribly keen on the overly clean and shiny textures they're using these days, find summit to be the best map in terms of not giving me occular cancer.

    • Slayar
      Slayar commented
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      Originally posted by Scatter
      ... occular cancer.
      i feel like this should be an ns2 meme
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