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Build 244 released


  • Build 244 released - Update - Build 245 Released as hotfix


    Reduced extractor death and Spikes tracer effect intensity.
    Distress beacon sound has no longer a distance restriction.

    Added capturing of dump information from the TechSupport.exe tool if NS2.exe is running.
    Clicking an already selected hot group will cause the view to jump to the units position.

    Fixed “runtime error” that occurred sometimes on map change.
    Fixed bug where AI units could push each other off of pathable ground.
    Fixed a bug where the microphone is muted until you enter sound options menu.
    Reload sounds stop playing when a player drops a weapon or dies.
    Fixed medpacks being created under tech points.
    Fixed Commander double clicks preventing single click actions from being performed.
    Fixed bug where vortexed Marines / Exos take damage inside Gorge tunnels.
    Fixed bug where distress beacon could teleport Marines back to an already destroyed Command Station.
    Commanders are no longer able to see projectiles from units which are not sighted.
    Fixed bug where vortexed Exosuit can smash eggs.
    Fixed bug where Commanders select/deselect units unintentionally the moment they perform an action (cast enzyme, drop medpack)
    Fixed rookie status drawn in red in the scoreboard.
    Fixed bug where you could switch weapons during building.
    The camera will no longer jitter while waiting to spawn at an Infantry Portal due to players running over the IP.
    Fixed bug where dead players could trigger taunt voice over.
    Fixed resource towers / command structures being slightly offset on the minimap.

    Increased Infantry Portal cost to 20 (up from 15)
    Reduced nano shield duration to 3 seconds (down from 8)
    Increased nano shield effectiveness to 75% (up from 50%)
    Increased arms lab upgrade costs to 20/30/40 (was 15/25/35)
    Reduced gorge tunnel research cost to 10 (was 30)
    Reduced gorge tunnel cost to 5 (was 10)
    Increased gorge tunnel armor by 100

    Added “fps” console command to toggle displaying the framerate on the top left of the screen.
    Improved precision of marquee and Ctrl-Click selection.
    Improved med/ammo pack drop precision.
    Its now easier to give attack / defend orders on moving targets.
    Changed the default player limit on the server if no parameter is specified to 16.
    Steam Ids are now also displayed in the traditional format in the Server console (STEAM_0:1:XXXXXXX)
    Changed the scoreboard font to match the other in-game fonts.
    Added numbers in front of player names on scoreboard to facilitate communication.
    Its now easier to hit with parasite (thanks Matso!)

    Low-level shader optimizations.
    Disabled compiler generated buffer security checks.
    Effects inherit now the relevancy from their triggering entities.

    Fixed bad texture scales when creating faces; texture scale behavior changed: larger scale values mean texture is stretched – should not affect existing maps;
    Added “spawn_selection_override” entity to more directly control how initial spawns are selected.

    Added Class_Reload(className, networkVars) for easier overriding classes.
    Added loading of entry points for multiple mods (see lua/entry/readme.txt for more info)
    Created simplified sound system that allows sound files to be played without using FMOD projects.
    Client.PlayMusic now requires a the FEV project name as part of the cue name (e.g. “sound/NS2.fev/Main Menu” instead of “Main Menu”)
    ClientUI.lua is now more moddable with exposed functions to add more UI scripts.
    Removed support for TTF fonts (bitmap fonts should be used instead)

    Moved Containment hive to a less snipeable position.
    Adjusted cover in Containment in aliens’ favour.
    Added vent from Containment to Containment/Chasm Entrance, and vent from Chasm to Chasm/Turbine entrance to provide more flanking opportunity in the area.
    Added cover at exit of vent over the chasm in Chasm.
    Adjusted Turbine cover to prevent sniping from Conduit entrance.
    Added random spawns for both teams in Flow Control, Smelting, Turbine and Containment, with close spawning prohibited.

    Rotated Deposit tech point around so it is no longer able to be arced from central drilling
    Modified Repair tech point with better cover and fewer LOS issues
    Modified Cave tech point with more cover for the hive, as well as made the middle path leading into crusher cystable for easier expansion to the resource node.
    Modified Operations tech point for better cover also moved the resource node away from the wall so aliens can move behind it
    Modified Sorting tech point for better cover, also added a stairway on the north side, to make cysting into north tunnels much simpler
    Moved cavern resource node to be centered between the repair and cave tech points
    Moved pilot drill resource node to be centered between repair and operations
    Modified central drilling to have better cover for aliens, moved the southern resource node to the north, on the upper platform, also added a stairway on the southwest side for better accessibility to the gap
    Modified and extended the vent leading from cave to north tunnels
    Added a vent from Deposit to the Gap
    Added more cover for aliens in Crusher
    Modified the minimap to be easier to navigate in places that overlapped or were unclear

    Temporarily disabled the music in Club due to a bug(should be fixed for the next patch)


    Build 245 Has been released to fix some problems before the upcoming NSL Invitational Grand Final:

    Added information about whether or not the server is VAC secured to the loading screen.
    Added basic information about the mods running on a server to the loading screen.
    Added news to the main menu.

    Added a 0.3 second cool down for medpacks.

    Fixed hitching associated with loading GUI textures.
    Fixed crash due to race condition while sorting data.
    Moving Drifters no longer remain cloaked by Shades.
    Dead Hives no longer continue to heal nearby Aliens.
    Bone Wall burst sound now audible for Alien Commander.
    Fixed a couple of problems with adding bans in the server admin web client when a reason was not provided (Thanks confused!)

    Added current map name to the top of the scoreboard UI.
    Switched scoreboard font back to Arial font.
    Removed the distinction between modded and non-modded servers in the server browser (so that modded servers are not treated as “second class”).

    Using knobs to modify texture mapping values no longer generates ton of undo steps.

    Removed Mezzanine->Server vent.
    Cleared up some of the debris around Platform RT area, added route for Skulk on south side Platform area.
    Mezzanine more Alien friendly, vent exit from North Tunnels is higher up.
    Ambush spots above doorways in the tram tunnels.
    Added spawn configuration entities to prevent Warehouse-Server starts.
    Warehouse elevator prop collisions enabled.

    • Mouse
      Mouse commented
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      Originally posted by kid
      I would hate to have to code in the balance of this game, seems like a constant push-pull of trial and error.
      Welcome to game design. That's how you do it.

      The big snag with NS2 is that they're trying to make it a skill-based game, while also keeping it accessible. To a certain degree, all this means is that the various elements of the game need to have a low skill floor - so that the nubs can learn to play - and a high skill ceiling - so the pros can excel. This is a noble goal and at a high level, quite straight forward. Unsurprisingly, the people who can get closer to the skill ceiling perform better than those near the bottom. But because NS2 is a multiplayer game, this is a problem; which we're all quite familiar with.

      The reason why it's a big problem is that NS2 is a team game without many defined roles for the less skilled. Note that it's relatively easy for one or two skilled players to carry their team to victory in a pub game.

      It seems that the primary way they have been designing is to look at each element of the game individually and trying to tweak each of them in turn - only looking at the bigger picture when problems arise and then only dealing with the symptoms without looking for the root cause (push and pull).
      What they need to do (and hooray if they already are) is look for opportunities for the nub to contribute on their own (chomping on nodes, building) and for the nub and the pro to work together (gorge & onos, welder & EXO). What would be great is if this also included more than one viable playstyle for each role/lifeform/weapon (rocket shooting vs rocket jumping).

      Almost inevitably, this would open up the tech trees and present a wide selection of viable strategies. In this magical world, the outmatched team would have options available to them beyond just shotgun rushes.

    • The Flying Fish
      The Flying Fish commented
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      that shotgun rush was a work of beauty actually

    • Nights
      Nights commented
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      Originally posted by Mouse
      In this magical world, the outmatched team would have options available to them beyond just shotgun rushes.
      o u :P
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