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Build 249 Released


  • Build 249 Released

    Build 249 is out and it promises a whole host of performance increases thanks to community member fsfod, as well as some map changes and polish. Check out the changelog below.


    LuaJIT now used by the Client and Server for increased performance (Thanks fsfod!)
    Grenades are now predicted and updated in the shooters world
    Improved the look of the vote menu (Thanks Agiel!)

    Increased grenade launcher reserve ammo to 28 (up from 16)
    Disabled Whip Grenade whack


    Fixed a nil/number being leaked onto the Lua stack every time the server error count is fetched causing the Lua stack to overflow eventually crashing the server (Thanks fsfod!)
    Fixed incorrect time being displayed on the server details window
    Filtering by map name and server name is no longer case sensitive
    Fixed edge case where voting to concede could cause a script error while transitioning to the ready room
    Fixed script error caused by spectating around a Hallucinated structure
    Fixed bug causing chat input text to be misaligned after changing resolution without restarting the game
    Fixed crash on some computers when starting the game
    Fixed script error caused by killing an entity with the Flamethrower in a single attack before it was set on fire
    Fixed bug causing the password prompt to sometimes not appear before joining passworded servers that you had previously joined


    Fixed bug in ReplaceLocals() where only one local was replaced
    Moved the loading of “PreLoadMod.lua” and “PostLoadMod.lua” out of Client.lua, Server.lua, and Predict.lua. Mods should be loading these files.
    Fixed bug in AddClientUIScriptForClass() when the passed in class name wasn’t already used


    Moved Generator further North
    Fliped Generator 180 degrees
    Moved Stability further north
    Moved stability rt and power node
    New section that connects stability to courtyard “junction”
    Redesigned maintenance
    New section that connects maintenance to generator “pressure control”
    Redesigned courtyard
    Deleted north point
    New section that connects departures to stability and junction “strand”
    New section that connects courtyard to maintenance “maintenance access”
    Removed locker rooms as marine spawn, once again alien only
    Fixed occlusion bug in bar
    Power in backalley now works as intended
    Deleted Cafe tech point, marines now only spawn in terminal


    Cleaned up commander view around Elevator Transfer, and South Tunnel->Observation corridor (makes overview clearer).
    Removed some obstructive faces from commander view in Observation and Ore Processing.
    Fixed stuck point in Observation vent, and power issue in Warehouse (thanks to Mendasp)

    • bonage
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      Originally posted by The Flying Fish
      the biggest problem with whips is you can't just tell them to move somewhere and the rooting and unrooting is done automatically, i can't believe not one person on the dev team seems to understand how tedious they are currently
      whips in BT do this automatically. So yes, one (and probably the only one) person on the dev team understands this.

      Originally Posted by Koven
      Have they implemented a shift-click feature for commanders yet? or queuing commands?
      Last edited by bonage; 13-06-2013, 03:27 PM.

    • elodea
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      Originally posted by Koven
      Have they implemented a shift-click feature for commanders yet? or queuing commands?

    • Koven
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      Holy fuck I didn't think it was that much to ask for

      fucken UWE'd
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