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Build 258 Released!


  • Build 258 Released!


    Fixed bug allowing Marines to place Mines on Webs
    Fixed bug where a Gorge Tunnel exit was usable until the Infestation completely receded
    Fixed a script error when the web request for Hive data fails
    Fixed the depth test not being properly set in D3D9 on the first rendered frame
    Fixed bug where shadows and ambient occlusion effects would be rendered incorrectly after a device reset in D3D9
    Fixed bug where Infestation would not be visible after a device reset in D3D9
    Fixed bug where going from windowed mode to fullscreen windowed mode and back to windowed mode would result in the loss of the window border
    Fixed bug where textures would be lost if the device was reset while the map was loading
    Fixed bug where UI textures were loaded into video memory and system memory
    The Recycled message will display the name of the current Commander instead of the Commander who originally built the structure being recycled
    Fixed bug causing MACs to sometimes not be able to repair a damaged structure
    Fixed bug where the Linux client would not work properly if the locale was not en_US
    Fixed bug where the “output” console command would crash the game
    Fixed bug where updating drivers on OpenGL would not cause the shaders to be recompiled
    Fixed hitching and visual artifacts when the menu menu cinematic was first shown
    Changed uncompressed animations to be sampled at a lower rate on 32-bit systems without large address space to conserve memory
    Fixed bug where textures would load in very slowly if texture streaming was disabled
    Fixed Drifters sometimes facing in the wrong direction when growing a structure
    Fixed Blink effect being visible to the Marine Commander without LOS to the Fade
    Fixed bug where toggling the bloom option on and off would cause graphical corruption in OpenGL
    Fixed crash in the sound system during map loading


    Added main menu loading screen (helpful during first run shader compilation)


    Fixed bug with cysting out of fabrication hive
    Re-added “club” music and sound trigger(Sound file is still a little buggy, but functional)


    Added caching of compiled .effect files (speeds up loading shaders and reduces memory fragmentation during loading)
    Reduced overhead when opening files from the file system
    Changed sound occlusion to use the visual occlusion geometry for a level rather than the physics data
    Removed Server hitch caused by shooting the Shotgun in some cases
    Changed D3D11 shaders to compile at the maximum optimization level


    Reduced Mucous Membrane effectiveness by 50%
    Reduced whip bombard damage to 250 (down from 400)
    Reduced whip bombard damage against marines to 57 (down from 112)
    Reduced Catpack research cost to 15 (was 20)


    Added main menu loading screen (helpful during first run shader compilation)
    Changed the profile display to not show the current frame unless it is paused (Thanks Asraniel!)
    Changed outgoing HTTP requests from the server to use the address that the server was bound to


    Improved model compile times
    Fixed the skybox rendering in the Editor
    Fixed tools not being visible in the orthographic views of the Editor
    Added generation of reflection probes in the Editor

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      linux seems to be better crashwise i played about 6 hours today without a crash but to me it doesnt feel as smooth as 257(might be in my head)
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