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  • League Season One Feedback

    Hey guys,

    We are working on getting another season of the AusNS2 League underway soon and we want your feedback from the first season. We want the League to run as efficiently as we can so that you guys can get the most enjoyment out of it. Your feedback is critical to helping us achieve this.

    Feel free to post ANY feedback in the thread relevant to the League, but here are some of the main points we would love feedback on...

    • Did you think the season went for too long? Too short?
    • Did you prefer playing 1 map rounds? Would you rather see 2 map rounds instead?

    • Was the screenshot system, in your opinion, effective in alleviating possible cheats/hacks?




    Also feel free to message me or any of the other admins on Steam or here on the forums if you have any feedback that you would rather keep private.


    AusNS2 Admin, CDT Member

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    2 Rounds (2 maps) would be preferred..

    Most of the time we would scrim all week, just to have a match last 30 minutes (2x 15 minute rounds). Was quite unclimaxing...


    Lots of maps to keep stuff interesting...

    Default match time of Sunday night 7pm, otherwise team defaults. None of this rescheduling 2-3 weeks before / after cause teams can't get their shit sorted. Also I would like to play for more than 1 team as I want to help the lesser teams...


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      Originally posted by mf- View Post
      Also I would like to play for more than 1 team as I want to help the lesser teams...
      I have no idea how I feel about people playing on multiple teams.
      It'd be interesting. But it might cause problems when the player's teams need to face each other.

      Some form of mentoring could be worthwhile.
      -/AUS/- PS_Mouse


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        I’d like to see the team size increased by 1 player 7 v 7 (1 perm commander each side)

        I'd think it would make games last longer and dying wouldn’t be as unforgiving as it is right now.
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          I'd like to see more teams competing! But as far as the nuts and bolts of the operation go, I agree with mf that playing 2 rounds instead of just 1 would be fun and more worth while, but on the other hand, if we have 3 - 4 games going on one night. . . All I'm saying is that it will be a long cast and teams might find it hard to keep their players around for that long (real life commitments and the like).


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            wow those are 2 really bad reasons


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              Originally posted by Keys View Post
              I’d like to see the team size increased by 1 player 7 v 7 (1 perm commander each side)

              I'd think it would make games last longer and dying wouldn’t be as unforgiving as it is right now.
              In the past I personally always thought that the game was way too forgiving towards deaths. I still kinda do to an extent.

              I'm all up for longer matches, but please only do it in the form of adding rounds/maps, not by turning this into a marathon. That's a terrible idea. Also, I wouldn't ever go changing the number of players per side unless that change was made internationally. I'd rather keep the competition as close as possible to as it's played elsewhere.


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                It's been 6v6 for 10 years, it better not become 7v7.


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                  The 6v6 format will not be changing.
                  AusNS2 Admin, CDT Member


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                    50v50 please


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                      It's hard enough to get 12 people in the server at a given time, why make it even more difficult.


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                        4 rounds 2 maps.
                        Match comments page.


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                          Was great and look forwards to a low ping league again!

                          My suggestions:
                          -Let all the Asian teams in like I suggested in the original league (no idea why you didn't, same time zone, more teams = funner league).

                          -Two maps per week, one is too short etc etc etc.

                          -Maybe crowd source a prize pool or have the top half of the teams mandatory donate $10 or something shit. Even shit-useless amounts of money add some flavour. I'd donate.

                          -Depending on the number of teams, maybe split the league into two divisions (assuming you have over 12 sign-ups) so the newer teams don't have to suffer being crushed. Even if the divisions are not equal in numbers - just separating new casual teams to teams such as Ascension and NuReign (now Blue Babbler Squad, the top Korean team). Eg. if one div was Raze, Lord Mayor, 50 Shades, Serephic Nexus, Ascension, X...

                          -Organize weekly predictions and write-ups (ask someone to do it, rage/mf ?). This would likely create a lot more forum activity and touch-points with the league.

                          -Comments page on the league match screen.

                          -Like mf said, default time Sunday 7pm.


                          -Mix the teams up a bit. Even though the current World Championship line-up will probably remain for the ENSL next season, mixing up teams in the AusNS2 League sounds pretty fun to me. Of course Nostromo will always do their own gay thing but the rest of us seem to enjoy fun

                          This is off the top of my head - will probably add more at some point
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                            Wow, sorry but, I can't get past you using "funner" as a's not D: I don't know why but it kind of hurts to read it.

                            I should probably include something to make this not a shitpost, so I agree with letting Asian teams in and two divisions (IF you have enough teams). Prize pool is not necessary though.


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                              I am happy to contribute financially for prizes etc as per slayar. A lot of little amounts add up.
                              I am also able to waffle on and do the predictions and write-ups if you want me to.