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Admins - Please respond - A reasonable request.

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  • Admins - Please respond - A reasonable request.

    Can I formally make a reasonable request right now, for any abuse on the forum to be deleted now, on past posts and hence forth on the aus ns2 forum.

    I believe that if abuse is left to fester it is a burden to the community in every way. Regardless or the source or of the retaliation it should be deleted.

    Can I please have a reasonable response to this reasonable request. I do not mind assisting if it needs to be done.

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    We're a public forum, users post what they want. We try our best to moderate, but can't guarantee that everything will get moderated. By signing up to the forums you agree that AusNS2 is not responsible for what users posts, and users are they themselves responsible for what they post. We merely facilitate the discussion. If you see a post which you find offensive or deem as abuse please utilise the 'report post' button and we will try to respond to it as soon as possible. See below screenshot:

    If anyone has any issue with how the forums are moderated, please contact an admin directly via PM or steam chat.