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  • 144hz Monitors - thoughts

    Hey guys,

    Spoken to some people who seem to have had good experiences with 144hz monitors. I am considering investing in one seeing as I need all the help I can get. If you have one, I would love if people could post model numbers, the price paid and where you got it from, and whether you would recommend it.


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    BenQ XL2411T - the best. probably the cheapest especially if you live in melbourne area.


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      basically what nezz said, if you live in melbourne drive to the warehouse to pick it up and save on like 40 dollar shipping if buying at pccg. if you live somewhere else, buy it locally to save on shipping. eg mwave for sydney etc
      AusNS2 Admin, CDT Member


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        well as you know just bought the benq XL2411T and its awesome. Its not going to improve my skill (im still a terrible shot) BUT where I was feeling like I should be hitting targets and getting no reg, I now actually hit things. Tracking is way smoother.
        When I miss its because I visually see that my x hair is not on the target, which is better than scratching my head thinking the game is broken for me.
        Remember though you need some decent hardware to back it up. I can get 140 ish fps for most of the important parts of the game.
        i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz, gtx 670


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          yeh make sure you maintain 144+ fps or its useless.


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            Would hate to go back to 60Hz, and it is noticable. But honestly the $500 I dropped on my monitor wasn't worth it at all.


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              The good thing is, you can get 144Hz/120Hz for way under $500 now
              AusNS2 Admin, CDT Member


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                just depends on your situation i guess. you dont need to spend 500 to get a higher refresh rate. there are options @ the 2-300 mark for 120hz screens (import may be required)


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                  I got my BenQ XL2411T for $300 shipped from the UK when they first came out.


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                    I have a BenQ2411Z as recommended by some of the folks round here. So far it's been pretty great even though my fps doesn't get above 80. I noticed that it was much smoother, tracking skulk trajectories and a bigger screen just feels like you can see more. Prices seem to be around $400 from MSY and PCCaseGear, I lucked out and got a new one from some ebay store in the US for 270+70 buck shipping.


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                      120/144hz monitors (aka 3D monitors) are not recommended for people who are sensitive to light(glare) on the monitors. they produce 350cd/㎡ while normal monitors uses 250 cd/㎡(mainly IPS)

                      Colors reproduction is really bad, but for a TN panel the colors are really great if you calibrate them yourself.
                      You will also need a PC that can handle the game you are playing with a constant 120+fps or you gonna get "jerkyness"

                      That being said, you will see every frame when u swipe and stuff. really hard to explain, you have to experience it yourself.

                      so basically I would recommend you try your friend's monitor or something before you buy


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                        I'd never go back to sub-100hz anymore .. worth it IMO

                        Like Poon says, silky smooth tracking is great as a marine .. mind you I was using a 60hz/40ms LG LCD TV before this monitor haha so probably stark contrast between the two.

                        I have the Asus VQ248E (144hz/1ms) .. I would've gone the BenQ but availability was an issue here in NZ and I couldn't be bothered waiting.

                        Like people say it is pointless unless your machine can maintain a high frame rate. I have 3770K & GTX780 so stays up there pretty good.

                        Mine was just over NZD$500 from memory.


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                          I highly recommend a 144hz monitor, since getting my benq 2420z v2 I haven't looked back. However have kept my 30" dell IPS panel as the secondary monitor for web browsing/movies etc. Basically anything non-gaming still gets done on my old monitor.

                          The 2411z and 2420z (and ASUS 144Hz 24" monitors) all use the exact same panel. I chose the benq for its black equalizer setting which brightens dark areas at the expense of contrast, but as nezz says in another post, the black equalizer on the benq's is basically hax. You will never need to use your flashlight again and you will always spot skulks hiding from any distance. It's amazing.

                          - It really is way way easier to track everything
                          - The 2420Z has low-blue-light adjustment which reduces/eliminates the fatigue which fleas mentioned
                          - I guarantee your accuracy will improve, twitching your crosshair to the target naturally becomes easier.
                          - benq's black equalizer feature is hax. ASUS have a similar dynamic adjusting one but it is reportedly no where near as good as benq's version. No more sneaky skulks.

                          - TN panel. This means the contrast and colours are terrible which is why I use my old IPS panel as secondary screen.
                          - Expensive? Admittedly the 2411Z is extremely good value for money. The others are quite pricey.
                          - Need a good video card. If you aren't getting above 120FPS (ideally above 144FPS) in game then don't bother.
                          - if you get the 2420Z or 2720Z, make sure firmware is v2.0 or you will not be able to use the LightBoost hack (not crucial as benq have their own proprietry version built into the monitor)


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                            if you have cash to burn, there’s also this behemoth:

                            Asus PG278Q


                            Has G-sync built into it, which means if you have an Nvidia Card, you can eliminate screen tearing when your FPS drops. It also has a higher res available and is the first TN panel with 8-bit colour depth, meaning colours are closer to the accuracy of IPS panels.

                            It also has an led built into the monitor which lights up - which i think its probably the best feature of all.


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                              But yea, +1 to the benq or save for a gsync monitor if you got nvidia