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Zerotech tries to Melbourne Shuffle!!!

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  • Zerotech tries to Melbourne Shuffle!!!

    Hey guys it's been a long time, I haven't been around the ns scene for so long, that I forgotten how NS1 was used to be competitive.

    Anyways I wanted to show you my dance moves, i know im overweight and i plan to go back to night clubs to not only dance but to lose weight too.

    I know my friend Archie has been supportive of me doing this melbourne shuffle dance so i thought perhaps you can see me do my dance moves to see what you think of it.

    Enjoy the video, don't forget to comment and like/dislike if you have a youtube account.

    Dance Compilation -

    Newest Dance Move (with sneakers worn) -

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    Good for you, man. Dance is great fun and great exercise, keep doing your thing.


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      I found out how everyone who shuffles can perform the running man technique smoothly, its not taking big steps but small ones, enough to get your body to flex.

      Here is my latest update of my running man technique i think you can see clearly that my body is starting to flex a little.

      Video :