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GoN is disbanding

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  • GoN is disbanding

    GoN was originally formed from the Draft tournament from Gorgiepie and Auron. However since those two have "left" GoN one way or another, it has been the blind leading the blind, i have tried my best to continue the team at least till the end of the season and we have at least made it that far.

    It has been an informative experience for all, with several players feeling that league play is not for them, whilst other players using GoN as a spring board to be more involved in the NS2 community and join other teams. However i feel that since this is not the team i created, it will not be the team i will continue to captain and with the roster changing constantly there is no longer many staple players. At the very least i will see you all in the next draft tournament.

    All those in GoN thanks for your effort and i hope i didn't make a blunder of it all.

    Thanks to all those we fought/scrimmed/slutted with !

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    Sorry to hear the news, I always had a lot of fun playing with GoN.


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      Props to you Xanax for stepping up and going above and beyond to make sure GoN finished the season. Great bunch of guys, it's sad to see you disband


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        Thanks for carrying us through to the end of the season, Xanax.
        I'm an admin on DangerZone, add me on steam if you need something.


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          if there's enough players to continue a team, i will help progression as a team and debrief scrims. We need more teams in AUS.

          The offer also extends to every team in aus (hello come see me, A Grade Shitters). I don't mind spectating, coaching, raging to help the community grow and perform alot stronger.

          I personally would like to spend alot of time with AUS and Intent to get them performing at the top of there divisions in ENSL!. Contact me if you want some help
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