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Numero Onos - Looking for 3x Players

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  • Numero Onos - Looking for 3x Players

    Hi Guys and Girls.

    nO. are looking for 3x new players, if you are new or coming back to NS2 then we welcome you.

    This is not a new clan but some members have left and we are looking for our 7th 8th and 9th players. You will get to play COMP and have fun in doing so!

    We do not need you to specialize in any lifeforms at the moment or require to try out, just be a nice person and stay active.
    ~ nO.Sikness

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    hooray for nO not being dead
    -/AUS/- PS_Mouse


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      We are not Dead, At least not yet.

      Just need at least 3 more players as we only have 5-6 active atm.....
      ~ nO.Sikness


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        Still looking? if you don't mind someone with only 160 hours I should be able to find some time. I play gorge and have been practising lurk for a bit now. Pm me if your interested.