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  • Numero Onos Recruting

    Hello everyone,

    For those of you who don't know, Numero Onos is a recently formed clan, with most members first experiencing competitive play during the first season of the AusNS2 league. We placed as expected for a newbie clan, but we improved. In our first ever match as a team we were aliens going up against RaZe. We lost in under 3 minutes and didn't manage to get a single kill! Now with the support and insight experienced comp players have provided we can now co-ordinate ourselves enough to put up a fight no matter who we go up against.

    I'd like to see this group continue to improve but to do that I need a few more players. Currently I am after 2 - 3 active NS2 players who want to return to / start playing competitively. There are only 3 essential criteria are that must meet:

    1. You must enjoy playing NS2 despite the outcome, if you are going to rage / sulk after a loss then stop reading now, this group is not for you.

    2. You must be reasonably active (a couple of hours a night, 3+ nights per week preferably)

    3. You must not be a douche to other members, from this clan or any other.

    So if you can do all of that and want to join you can message me through AusNS2 if you have an account or contact me on Steam here: