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andybrrr , looking for clan.

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  • andybrrr , looking for clan.

    I am looking for a clan to play with in the AUS NS2 League.

    I am a competent player with 215hrs logged at NS2.

    I used to frequent the Monash servers daily for around 6 months, 3 months ago.

    I have been playing BF4 since release but have gone back to NS2 in the last few days and am looking to get back in to stride with this wonderful game. I am currently ranked 3rd on my BF4 server, and am in top percentile (top 3%) in skill, score per minute and K/D in the world rankings, not that these translate to an NS2 format aside from maybe the twitch shooting, but merely to give an idea of my level.

    I am OK at commanding both marine and kharaa and understand the fundamentals of the game, and the meta-game and tactics required to win.

    I am very good at skulk & early game, am OK at gorge-building, and good at battle-gorging. My favourite class is Fade, though I am good at Onos hit-and-running, and Lerk harassment.

    I am a competent Marine and have been playing FPS for over 15 years, starting with Quake, AQ2, CS Betas, then BF2, BF:BC, BC2, BF3 and BF4. I also play DayZ.

    I am constantly communicating on microphone in game, can use Mumble/Vent/TS if required, listen to commands and give them. I have excellent map awareness.

    My machine is up-to-spec, including a 144hz 1ms monitor, which makes all the different in this twitchy game.

    I am in NZ but I burn the candle at both ends so hours are not a problem, I have no dependents or partner. I have never played in a league or for a clan in NS2.

    Andy B (andybrrr on steam/origin/anything)
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    I have to say, this is the most comprehensive LFC post I have ever seen

    Hope you find a good clan.
    -/AUS/- PS_Mouse


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      Thanks Mouse .. we've actually played a lot of games together .. not sure if you'd remember or not. You'd be in a lot of my board screens I'd say .. I gonna dig some out when I get home, will post them here for kicks if you are haha

      - - - Updated - - -

      Here are some of my better days..

      I haven't taken all that many screenies really just when I remembered..

      Someone take me in !

      No Mouse either But we've played a bit ! And j00lz


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        Just idle mumble mate, you'll get picked up if you go to each channel asking if people are recruiting.


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          ^ idle mumble is a good way for people to come and say hi.


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            GL man, I hope you find a good team


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              Originally posted by Mouse View Post
              I have to say, this is the most comprehensive LFC post I have ever seen
              Would recruit based on comprehensiveness alone... comprehensiveness... is that even a word?


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                Welcome andy b to the communerty! We're currently per-occupied with a Draft Tournament. If you are Interested we're going to be having The Final rounds this weekend. And some teams may be getting some practice in tomorrow. Add me and i'll see if i can sneak you onto my team to gauge your abilities. For practice rounds, ofc.


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                  Sorry I didn't see this post before it was too late .. seems my email notification isn't working.

                  When will the next intake or draft be ?

                  I am very interested in playing, I have been doing pretty well on Monash pubs the last few days would like to play more serious games

                  I have added you on Steam anyway Auro thanks


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                    We are always looking to do more tournaments and such as often as we can. Currently though, the signups for the League are on so hopefully you will get picked up in a clan for that. Good luck!
                    AusNS2 Admin, CDT Member


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                        I will add you on Steam after work Xanax, thank you.

                        What is the details for the mumble channel ?

                        Andy B


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                          IP Address:
                          Port: 6034


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                            Haha im in one of these ;D


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                              Originally posted by xXGODof69Xx View Post
                              Haha im in one of these ;D
                              A Clan?