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Looking for a clan/team ! :D

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  • Looking for a clan/team ! :D

    Heyy guys, im looking for a clan/team that plays 6v6 scrims regularly! I love the game and really want to play some 6v6 competitively!! i'm fairly good, and know most tips/ tricks of the game! I don't com too much but know how to do it! Thanks ChupaChups!!

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    Hey Chupa, we were impressed with your Onos play on caged last (night did a lot better than those two noobs Fax and Sick) so we'd like to offer you a spot in nO if you want it


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      Really enjoyed playing with you on Saturday Chupa +1 this guy
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        Dear Chupa,

        I have been watching you play lately, and no offence but I must say that you have some work to do before you will be good enough to join an Official AusNS2 League Team.

        You should play some Pubs (Public Games) and maybe watch some recordings of Official AusNS2 Matches and then see how good you are in a few months.

        Best Regards,

        PS you should consider changing your DPI and take care of your positioning. Positioning is very important in NS2. I would say 95% positioning, 3% aim.