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NS2 - the awaiting fail?

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  • NS2 - the awaiting fail?

    Apart from the fps issues everyone is having, im hearing alot of negative thoughts about ns2.. Just wondering if its going to be a big failure or not.

    The gameplay isnt something that is attracting me as much as ns1 did and i think exos not being able to beacon/phase is a downgrade from ns1 along with a few other things or maybe i was just expecting a too big of a wow factor but whats everyones elses views on it so far?

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    Well I'm loving it so far, there are a few tweaks that need doing, definitely optimisation and network coding (the difference between 40 ping and 60 ping is terrible in my view).
    Anyway I won't be playing it for awhile now as I have had an infection in my throat and had been contagious all weekend and I smashed out NS2 a heap of hours (I was quarantined in my study).. I do not recommend this AT ALL.
    The game crashed at one stage, I started to smell a bit of that old "oh crap electronic fire smell" my i5 2500k cpu crackled a little bit and then shut it self off as they are designed to do. But the damage is done, its pooped itself and now I'm waiting for another cpu :\

    So yes I think the game has optimisation issues, but still very fun!
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      I think it's okay. My fps is shit but that could be my outdated CPU.

      Public games are okay. A bit frustrating like NS1 where noobies struggle to keep up with the pace (saving RT's).

      For what matters, I haven't played too many pug's. Seems like they just need to tweek mechanics a bit to balance it out and stop mf's cheese builds as gayliens. I think it has the same potential as NS1 did in early days, just needs the time to evolve.

      Looking forwards to seeing more clans form once it's released on steam. I think aus may need more servers after release tho


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        I'm yet to play a single organised (non-pub) game, but I think it's definitely come leaps and bounds since even a couple of months ago. It really really badly needs some serious optimization (mostly around multithreading the massive amount of CPU work it needs to do) but other than that it's feeling and looking quite polished.

        My only real gameplay niggle at the moment is that all the commander has done is taken stuff away from the Gorge, leaving both of them feeling a bit half-full.

        I definitely don't agree with what you say about Exos however. If they could phase or be beaconed it would be ridiculous. It was a good move to make them giant to have a convenient reason to cripple them slightly for balance.

        Remember than NS was pretty shit at 1.0 too.


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          yea i was gonna say it feels abit like NS1 v1.04 atm.

          I spose you're right tho taz, just seems so easy to split up welders from the exos and then the exos get fucked up. dunno how well exos go in 6on6 games, havent watched or played too many yet. And they need to fix macs lol, last time i commed i pinned an exo up against the wall with a mac.

          btw i bought an amd 8core 3.1gig and clocked it to 4.4gig and still only get 40-50fps droppin to 30 in heated battles, the i5's or i7's seems to be the way to go for NS2. wish i bloody knew this before i upgraded...


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            massive mistake going with an AMD. You can spend $200 bucks on a i5 2500k and overclock to 4.5ghz and run 60-80 constant.

            If you go into the game expecting an NS1 remake, you will be disappointed. Simple as that... If that is what you wanted, I suggest checking out
            I personally love the game and am totally addicted. With the recent 222/223 changes, they have made marines very responsive and brought skilled movement back in for skulks. Made the world of difference...

            The game plays quite well in 6v6. Alien commander I was not very sure about at the start, but it opens up alot of different strategies to aliens (as slayer calls them cheese). The game is about 1000x better than it was 6 months ago, and changing tiny things (marine movement + skulk movement) ect. can totally change the way the game feels and plays.

            NS1 > NS2 > COD/BF


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              I have to say the 222 movement changes make a world of difference. Feels so much smoother now, both marines and skulks (walljump etc)


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                fuck i'd be stoked if that classic mod took off but i doubt it lol.


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                  Game is improving and v1.0 is really just a deadline based product. Once it is out and the money is flowing in they can start looking at the crappy aspects of the game.

                  Eventually mods will be made and the feedback from those will help to make the game better.


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                    I'm enjoying NS2 now. I don't get the performance issues others are talking about. I get about 80 fps. I don't know why you are all talking about processors, its the graphics card thats holding the game back. As for the 8core processsor, I hope you realize NS won't be programmed to utilize 8 cores or 6 and possibly even 4, that side of programming takes a tonne of work. Buy a GTX 660 or something and your FPS should be fine.

                    My issues with NS2 are I still feel the gorge is kind of empy. I mean you heal, put down clogs and then a couple of hydras. However they don't have web or the ability to build extra buildings like in NS1.

                    I have issues with the game feeling unfinished or like things are left out. i played an NS1 mod the other day and realized that in NS1 aliens could teleport between hives, I don't know why they take stuff like that out, especially when marines have phase gates and beacon.

                    I also don't think NS2 will become near as popular as NS1 just because NS1 was a FREE mod for hl (which everyone owned) whereas to play NS you will have to pay, I just dont see people checking it out like they would Ns1


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                      Same here I've never really run into these fps problems. I've had the occasional fps drop (due to bad servers). I'm sitting on about avg70 fps.
                      Rig running this is i72600, 4GB ram, 3GB GTX5800
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                        The playtesters / dev's are quite excited about something 'new' they put into NS2 regarding performance. Wonder if it will make it in for 224


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                          An alleged quote by Hugh:

                          224 really changes the way the server handles clients updates

                          it is a huge change and quite exciting
                          Which is good news as server performance is really the primary concern right now.


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                            Ask Remedy he's in the PT team


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                              Originally posted by Volcano
                              Ask Remedy he's in the PT team
                              Remedy is in the PT map crew. I am pretty sure he doesn't really PT the actual game itself. He probably has access, but I doubt he turns up for the PT sessions.