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The NS2 we used to know (in beta).

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  • The NS2 we used to know (in beta).

    Some people here never played the alpha/beta of NS2 and those that did may not have played it during its earlier stages. This thread is just to give those who haven't some insight into what sort of features were present. I will add more as I discover them.

    Fade Stab

    A charge up melee attack that rendered you immobile but did massive damage (usually instant kill). A bug allowed you to shadow step while doing this attack as you can see in the video (very OP). This bug was fixed in build 208 while stab itself was removed in build 209 for the new Vortex ability.

    Grenade Launcher mounted to lmg

    Skip to 45 seconds for GL. After that are the old SG sounds.

    The GL used to be mounted to the side of the lmg and could hold 4- 8 (change over the builds) grenades at most but could be replenished completely with 1 ammo pack. Quite overpowered. Was replaced with a separate GL in build 209 using the ns1 GL model as a placeholder until they created the current one.
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    Sorry, Scatter. I was sorely disappointed when I opened this thread as I was hoping for an NS2 themed Gotye cover song done by you. As a result I lost interest in this thread quickly but will return later to read it, especially if you provide an NS2 themed cover song. Possibly something by S-Club 7. I think that could work. Maybe "There ain't no party like an NS2 party" or something.


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      Lmao, maybe Jekt will do a duet with me.


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        Originally posted by Scatter View Post
        Lmao, maybe Jekt will do a duet with me.
        i would pay to have this produced.


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          NS2 shooting at targets! My god the game ran so bad.
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            lvl 3 Alien armour with frenzy and swarm on a fade was unbeatable or projectile gas for the lerk on rockdown, alien com dropping creep in marine start at the beginning of the game so marines couldn't build, stacking hydras and crashing the server they were also unhittable since the hitbox was in the floor. drifters were used to build buildings (sc2) and a had a flare ability (flashbang). and the game used to use its own stand alone client when it first came out so it wasn't playable through on steam at that time and the only map was junction i think and a very poorly made tram sometime later

            something from B185

            and the lovely error messages we used to get
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              Nice videos Scatter, I used to love that LMG mounted grenade launcher.

              One of my first memories from the early beta was the continuous LMG fire. And the inability to hit anything.
              Spider -


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                Man...dat lmg sound. I remember loving it when i first booted up the alpha and then realizing that the bullets didn't actually exist and neither did I as i danced in a threatening and strangely non-violent manner with a skulk for about a minute before we both choked on the atmospherics.


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                  Few video's I made

                  B216 - Walljump

                  NS2c - Bhop for fade + skulk

                  B228 - Walljumping - Last build where you could consecutively chain walljumps to gain speed

                  B228 / 1.0 - Walljumping
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                    aaaah the good ol' days.


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                      oh the best strat for marines was planting a battery pack and obs just outside the hive and bacon instantly 8 people to the hive and that was when the obs used energy so you could stack them and they brought players back to life.


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                        Gonna post this here as its practically a relic from the ye' ol' B184 days:

                        And here is some B184 public gameplay:


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                          Interesting, I liked the lmg sound better then Scardy.


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                            Feign death anyone? -_-


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                              and hypermutation they were supposed to be getting fixed for release yeaaaaah about that