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Open Letter to AusNS2 Admins - Hugh

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  • Open Letter to AusNS2 Admins - Hugh

    Hi AusNS2 admins,

    Today, you chose to propagate a leak. Unlike other NS2 communities that actively work with us at UWE when it comes to unreleased content, you chose to take it upon yourselves to post secret content.

    That could be forgiven for so many reasons, but you chose to ignore direct requests from myself, and prominent, respected NS2 community members to remove the content.

    By ignoring us, you have hurt us at Unknown Worlds. You have hurt the likelihood that UWE can support NS2 in future. You have hurt the game you purport to support. You have destroyed my respect for the AusNS2 community organisation (Though certainly not its members) and my desire to provide the same support to as UWE supports other NS2 communities.

    I donít understand why you chose to ignore us, but I imagine it is because you saw short term gains for this website, as NS2 players everywhere click through to you. To value such short term gains over the long term future of NS2Ö It is very upsetting that any member of the NS2 community would do such a thing.

    It is particularly hurtful that you chose do this as my fellow Australian NS2 players. Working at UWE, I miss home - And I used to look to AusNS2 as my 'home' of NS2 play. Now I feel much more kinship with the European and US communities that chose not to propagate unreleased content, and in fact pushed for its removal wherever they saw it.

    Hugh (uwe.Strayan/NS2HD)