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    Originally posted by kur- View Post
    Look all i'm saying is that all this nezz hacking bullshit is old news all we are trying to do is have fun play a game together that 6 of us happen to get along with one another and we are happy.
    We are not happy that every topic we talk about is about Nos snx nezz hacking i mean come on we respect many players and members. But somehow we ended up getting jammed by karma war.
    Just respect us let us do our thing we don't need to be the center of topic every day.....
    And when i mean by admins i'v seen so many post that admins agree with another admin and prolong the post iv been around Ausns nsplayer for 10 years i know everyone i know how u guys work together.
    I'm just saying we need to stop this bullshit that's all i'm not taking sides or taking shots at anyone i'm just sharing my 2 cent to say we need to stop and move on from this and let our clan members be.
    If there is an issue u can contact our team leader Outsider an from there you both can sort things out.
    You are taking sides. You're IN a side.
    It has been claimed that snx is the "top" clan in Australia, so of course you're going to be getting this kind of attention. You just have to learn to deal with it / ignore it.

    I think at least one caught hacker video needed to come out on forums just to provide awareness. The fact that it happened to be a "member" of your clan was unfortunate. There always seemed to be people claiming hacks didn't even exist for ns2 right now, this proved otherwise. Future demo's should probably be sent to server admins instead of public outings, but I do believe this first one was needed, but had unfortunate drama.

    Also lay off the admins, they're a thousand times better than what we had in NS1.


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      Why are you being dicks to Kalli?


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        I don't even know why your bringing up the old ausns...

        stf do not play the game anymore, they have probably never even come to this site ONCE. They are not admins

        Current Admins: admins = zimoi & taz
        ENSL admin = elodea

        fyi: If you're going to make a post and wanna be taken serious, jesus christ learn how to write / format properly. That was an absolute struggle to even read...


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            Well I think after showing the video and people's comments here, that most of the comments are saying he isn't cheating.
            So it's been debated at least, hopefully some people will cool off now.
            The Flying Fish: "i think i gave you a compliment actually"


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              This thread is currently in Nezz's best interests, and by having it left open more and more people have either stated that the two existing videos are very inconclusive, or have jumped to Nezz's defence. It would be beyond unfair to have banned Nezz without this thread, as it is clear that the evidence is underwhelming for a high profile player.

              Now the community will watch Nezz's (and perhaps others from all clans) competitive performance with great scrutiny.. This is great news for Nezz. He hasn't been banned, NOS haven't been punished, and Nezz can still play just as he has. If his performance is just as variable and occasionally impressive as it was in the past then he will clear his own name through time.

              I uploaded those two videos as from my end they were they only suspicious behaviour I had in a collective hour of recording sitting on my drive atm. Of the total hour, I have about 25 minutes of Nezz turning on his rookie tag, looking at the floor and jumping up and down, about 15 minutes of stationary looking around marine spawn, and about 15 minutes of running through vents avoiding all forms of contact with other players. This would begin to happen the instant anybody would start spectating.
              Now, I am guilty of this sort of shit too, we all take phone calls during the game and want to continue earning res. It was just really frusturating to get any footage on Nezz that could either implicate him or clear his name. 90% of the time Nezz would simply insta-ragequit the server despite being 24-2 etc. It was impossible to get evidence either way.

              The two videos of Nezz on my youtube account have remained unlisted and untitled for this very reason. I simply do not have anything to upload that would show anything either way.

              Hacks are necessary for spectating the demos of players when making such accusations, and public display of such videos is appropriate. Please see:
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                  U can't go around and keep trolling about nezz hacking because if any of our 6 members that i know are hacking do u think id stay around respecting them No i wouldn't.
                  Who is trolling? There have been numerous people, including myself and elodea (ensl admin) defending nezz.

                  Just stop these post dragging on this is a recap of what everyone did to kal back in the day just bullshit and you all know this what you all did to kal.
                  What we all did to kal? There is probably about 5 people still around that even remember what happened to kal.

                  it's just not fair that you have to keep bashing nezz about this if u guys purely think he hacks cheats or whatever u think he does ban him right now from forums servers. its that simple
                  Once again, multiple people including myself sticking up for him based on the evidence presented.
                  Your complaining about people prolonging the forum topic, yet you are still posting yourself? Additionally Nezz making troll posts himself...


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                    Hacker threads are the best thing about all FPS games, keep up the good work karma!


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                      Originally posted by OutSiDeR
                      bad work for using wall hacks and not being an approved admin. How do we know that karma isnt using these hacks in scrims, I think our eyes are on the wrong person here.
                      I used them. I am also an admin on Monash. This was also discussed with other admins in the community.
                      I streamed the wallhack on my twitch initially, with all community admins watching the stream simultaneously.

                      It is well known you can send me demos and I will transcode them to an avi with chams on. Any of them of anyone


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                        Originally posted by clowning View Post
                        Hacks are necessary for spectating the demos of players when making such accusations, and public display of such videos is appropriate. Please see:
                        This process has always been a part of NS, since NS1 first person spec was implemented. Nine years


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                          Originally posted by OutSiDeR
                          bad work for using wall hacks and not being an approved admin. How do we know that karma isnt using these hacks in scrims, I think our eyes are on the wrong person here.

                          Lets summarize.

                          Karma used wall hack to catch a wall hacker BungChung
                          Karma used another wall hack to post poor videos (wont even call it evidence because it isnt) about a non hacker nezz.

                          Lots of people have ranted, but lets stick with the facts, Karma has used a wall hack, and so has bungchung. Bungchung is banned, why dont we ban the other person that was using this stuff. He has posted evidence of himself hacking.

                          I dont think anyone is justified in using a wall hack.
                          You've been pretty reasonable about this up until this point Outsider.

                          Throwing this kind of rhetoric around is not strengthening anyone's case. It's well known and standard that to catch hackers, you have to record their POV with the hacks on, to properly highlight their actions in context. Without them, bungchung may not have been banned as the evidence would not have been there as plainly.

                          You're obviously being hyperbolic for effect, but it comes across as dumb.


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                            can someone please explain what the fuck a cham is >


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                                lol outsider, your such a fucking mong

                                edit: i still love you hurrrhurrrhurrr <3
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