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    UPDATE 21/2/15

    We are aware that many QLD's may or may not be under water at the moment & without internet. We are also aware that people are confused about the date, and may not actually turn up this weekend. With that in mind, We're going to propose the following:

    Date of Group Stages : Sunday 1st March 4pm AEDT
    Format: Best of 4 (2 Maps per game)

    The two teams with the most points will play in the grand final. Should two teams being tied for 2nd place, they will play a bo5 decider to determine who will make it to the final round.

    Date of Grand Final:
    Sunday 8th March 8pm AEDT
    Format of Final: Best of 5

    All the usual AusNS2 rules apply for this tournament, so please check up on them here.

    If you have any issues with this, let us know. Please keep in mind we will not be postponing the tournament if certain individuals are unable to make it. We have to get this done and start the next season of the league.


    I am very happy to finally kick off the AusNS2 States Tournament! (basically AusNS2's very own State of Origin showdown!)

    Signups will take place over the next week, but we need to get an idea of how many people can play for their respective state!

    Please leave a comment in this thread if you are interested in playing and the state you currently reside in using the format below:

    Player Name:
    State of residence:

    This will be a one/two day round robin competition, with semi and grand finals. This tournament will take place on the weekend of the 21st/22nd.

    If a state can not field 6 by itself it will merge with another state in need of players.
    For example, if WA and SA can't field enough players it will be Team WASA.

    I imagine the teams being something like this:
    Team Queensland
    Team NSW
    Team Victoria
    Team Tasmania (THANKS RHYNO!)
    maybe Team South Australia/WA/NT/ACT (We'll see)
    Team New Zealand
    Team Singapore/SEA

    Lets see how many states can field a team and we will get this tournament started!
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