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AusNS2 Looking for New Moderator or Moderators!

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  • AusNS2 Looking for New Moderator or Moderators!

    NS2 and more specifically the Australian community for NS2 have undergone many changes in their long lives, and it is time for more change in preparation for the upcoming year of NS2 within our community. While anyone can admit that NS2 may not be the game it once was, no one can argue that there is still much competition to be held and more room for improvement and consistency for events and community standards for AusNS2 community members and participants.

    Currently the AusNS2 admin team consists of myself, Taz and Zimoi and we have agreed that as a team we are no longer able to fully dedicate enough time to the game and the community due to real life commitments. We have decided that the best move from this point is to bolster our admin team to help carry out the next year of AusNS2 competitive events.

    Without further ado:
    The AusNS2 team are looking for 1 or 2 moderators to join the AusNS2 Admin Team.

    The selection process won't be incredibly formal just because we know pretty much everyone in the community and its silly to have a 'resume' or something similar for a gaming community.
    However, we just want to know how many people are interested in a role like this.

    Most of you are familiar with how things operate around here, but if anyone needs further clarification, some things you will be doing are:
    Helping run tournaments/seasons
    Content management (front page posts etc)
    Forum moderation

    If you have any other skills like video editing or graphic design that always helps as well!

    The role is volunteer.

    Any contribution is appreciated, while we would appreciate someone who is here to help for a while and become a member of the team, no hard feelings if this isn't for you.

    If you have any questions or are interested in becoming a moderator, either post here in the thread OR contact me privately on steam HERE.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and stay tuned for more updates.

    The AusNS2 Admin Team
    AusNS2 Admin, CDT Member