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  • March Update

    First things first, we hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday and before we get everyone up to speed on what's happening over the next few months I'd like to take this opportunity to get onto some housekeeping, a general update on the state of NS2 as well as what is happening in the next month or so for within AusNS2. League Season 4

    It is my pleasure to announce that we will be running the 4th Season of the AusNS2 League!

    Signups are already open and will be closing on the 22nd of March! The Season itself starts on Monday the 23rd of March!

    If you have a team to register head to and sign up your team for that round robin action! This season will be similar to the last seasons with the rules located on the homepage of the league. One thing that is still open to discussion is the use of Comp Mod v4 but we will see how that unfolds over the next month!

    New Moderator
    Please welcome Visor to the AusNS2 Admin team as one of our moderators! He is going to be helping us with running tournaments, the forums, as well as being a valuable part of Australian NS2 and all of that good stuff so feel free to say hi and introduce yourself to him if you don't know him already. bonage is also back to help with running the season and future tournaments as well!

    The current admin team is:

    We would like to also thank a few notable members of the community for helping keep the public and competitive scenes alive by running their servers day in and day out. bld and Scatter have been two extremely generous community members that have gone above and beyond in hosting servers for the AusNS2 community, and without them I'm sure the scene would look a lot different than it does now. I know that these guys specifically put a lot of effort into their server setups and weren't just renting a server from a public provider, so huge props to these guys!

    Both the Dangerzone and Scatterverse servers have been taken down indefinitely but you can thank them for their generosity again in those server threads if you wish to do so!

    As for current servers, Oozle has provided a couple of servers for public and private use as well as bonage (private) and myself (public). If you have any issues with any of these servers, please feel free to message these operators or post in the appropriate thread in the Server Discussion sub-forum.

    States Tournament
    Just a general reminder that the first round of the States Tournament is happening this weekend, the 1st of March and that the current team list is here and the bracket for the tournament is here.

    State of NS2
    The future of NS2 is looking bright as the CDT look forward to developing more patches and content for NS2. Keep your eye on their space as who knows what they will come up with!

    CDT Trello
    CDT Twitter

    That's all for now folks! If you guys like these kinds of updates, let me know because I enjoy writing them when I get the chance to do them!

    See you round!

    The AusNS2 Admin Team
    AusNS2 Admin, CDT Member