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Reinforced Content Patch - Details Leaked?

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  • Reinforced Content Patch - Details Leaked?

    Update: AusNS2 is not directly related to the leaking of the video, it was making the rounds well before this post. We do not know who leaked it.

    A video has popped up supposedly detailing what is included in the upcoming 'Reinforced' content patch.

    Is this a PR stunt, legitimate leak, or some guy making a highly polished video about his dream change log? You be the judge.

    Updated Alien Vision

    New Additions:
    - Map:
    - Biodome

    - Interactive tutorial
    - Marines weapons:
    - Hand grenades - 3 types, cluster (explodes into smaller grenades), nerve (damages armour) and pulse (slows attack and movement speed).
    - Dual Rail Gun Exo.

    - Marine commander:
    - Catalyst Pack - Drops like a med pack, and allows the marine to run and attack faster.

    - Female marine model
    - Alien abilities:
    - Stab - Slow fade attack which does high damage.
    - Bone Shield - Negates all damage to the front of the Onos when used.
    - Webs - Snaring traps available to Gorges.

    - Alien commander:
    - Contamination - Temporarily generates infestation at desired location.

    - Skill Rating System for Servers
    - Linux Support

    - Exosuit eject:
    - Allows the pilot to eject from exo when outside of combat. Good to popping out to weld the suit.

    - Exosuit dual weapon equip:
    - Allows a single weapon exo to update to a dual variant via the prototype lab.

    - Jetpack jump
    - Jetpack engages at the peak of a marines jump.

    - Alien vision:
    - Completely revamped, no longer need to use it all the time. See gif at the top of post.

    - Fade movement speed:
    - Movement slows faster outside of blink, which requires better energy management.

    - Fade vortex redone:
    - Now acts as a 'teleport'. When initially used it sets one time 'home' location, and on next usage it attacks and upon contact with marine, it will teleport you 'home'.

    - Onos stomp redone:
    - Has a travel time. If marines react fast enough, they can jump over it. Also now has cracking of the ground effect.

    - Alien commander:
    - All life form abilities are grouped by life form.
    - Drifters now hatch from eggs. These can be placed on infestation.

    Check out the full video below:

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    Welp. I think he'll be uploading in private mode from now on. This shouldn't be here yet.


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      a shame that it was leaked 3 days out, but looks promising none-the-less. Someone is going to get ban hammered though.... this thread should be burried also imo -- people can see the changes in 3 days.
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        Pretty disappointing. This will mean we will keep all videos out of PT chat in future to prevent leaks.

        Great job leaker.
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          Originally posted by Jekt View Post
          Welp. I think he'll be uploading in private mode from now on. This shouldn't be here yet.
          It's unlisted already, someone leaked it :|


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            I'm sure I saw something similar this morning about all this. Extra publicity somehow surely can't be a bad thing for what is already a game that has proven to have amazingly shit player retention. Meh. Still a beta.


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              oh no 0.000000001 of the population know some information 99.999999999999% of the population don't give a fuck about, 3 days before it's released.

              who gives a fuck?

              p.s. the changes look good.


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                I don't care, but I bet the devs would.

                This is definitely the best thing to happen to the game since b100 or something though.


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                  Here is my response to the choice by AusNS2 to post this content:


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                      contamination and gorge tunnel/shade anyone? This update looks beast, I am quite surprised it is so large, was expecting bio dome and some small tweaks, but there are some major reworks going on here, cant wait to check out the onos ground stomp effect (cracking the ground).


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                        Contamination sounds like a half-OP way to clear a base of mines.
                        -/AUS/- PS_Mouse


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                          it sounds like it's definitely intended to then have a heap of mature whips echo into marine spawn


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                            So wait, AusNS2 is getting shit for posting this stuff to its small community... a few hours BEFORE an update with these changes comes out?
                            Am I missing something here? Besides the reasoning behind ruining alien vision.
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                              Anyone played with dx9/11/OpenGL yet? Post results pls.