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Captains Server Live (& Scatterverse Community Page) Active!

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  • Captains Server Live (& Scatterverse Community Page) Active!

    Hi All, >80 members already! (please invite people to this PAGE!)

    As per the original intend of this page, there is now a Captains Server.

    In addition, as Scatter has already clarified, the following is the current available servers;-

    > Scatterverse Public (20 Player)
    - Shine Administration, NS2+, NS2 Stats

    > Scatterverse Captains [200 Hr+] (18 Player)
    - Shine Administration, NS2+, NS2 Statsbeta, CompMod Revision 3, Badges+, Extra Plugins

    - 2 Slots are forced spectator (Not Reserved Slots), the games are minimum 6v6, maximum 8v8, single round.

    > Scatterverse Private (16 Player)
    - Shine Administration, NS2+, CompMod Revision 3

    If players are active in the coming weeks, it would be great to get some numbers/support on the Captains Server, as ideally this will take time to hone into peoples mind conceptually, and also as a higher tier alternative to the PUB Stomp matches. Due to very few servers currently updating to NS2stats, the majority of the Captains players from US are currently pending Calego's return from Holidays... It is also expected several of that community will be assisting us in breaching the first few weeks. I intend to use this server primarily during the afternoon as we move into the peak.

    Please also manually download any of the mods above, you do not currently have.

    Thanks in Advance!