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  • Oozle's Natural Selection 2 Server

    Hey guys seen a new update has been released and only seen one 12 slots server in aus so i have opened a 18 slot server with extra CPU Priority will just have the standard mods any problems contact me here or on steam

    Server Details will follow once its all up and running 18 slots located in Melb Only shine running atm
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      Tried to play it on the weekend... All servers 0/# empty
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        server is still getting fine tuning ie shuffle mod etc , they have been full for a good amount of the night past few days , thanks to the guys that take some time to seed and keeping ausns2 alive


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          So i have opened up a second server which is running Captains mod and seems pretty popular tonight been full for around 3 hours now.

          I will switch mods maybe like every 4 weeks to something else just to have bit of variety in the community and will keep my other server just normal NS

          New server ip is
          Name: Oozle Natural Selection 2 Captains Server
          Connection Info:


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            Can you make it so sandbox mode stays enabled until the match actually starts?
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              Hey guys so with all the servers up at the moment i have dropped back to just one server Running all your favorite mods and also put in server switch option so dont need to go into menu to change server just hit M and u will see option to Change to Kids Server.

              Any prob just steam msg me or on the forums


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                Thanks to the admin who kicked me from the server tonight. Dunno why but cheers anyway really made my night mate.


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                  Originally posted by Conker View Post
                  Thanks to the admin who kicked me from the server tonight. Dunno why but cheers anyway really made my night mate.

                  dont be a rude person ... and especially not to my gf lol you had it cumming


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                    My apologies good sir, had I known that you were particularly offended by my accusations that shade hive requires no skill I would have retracted my statement. But you know words typed into chat normally don't even get read let alone offend.

                    Props for swinging the ban hammer to defend your lady's honour though, although I would have just outplayed the vicious text offender rather than kick them for typing in chat.