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    Hi All

    I've had a running some servers for a couple of weeks and the response has been pretty positive. The server is my old gaming PC and is located in Perth, Australia (sorry easties). The SwitchServer mod is active and allows you to switch between the servers or to Oozle's servers. So far the server has been very stable, apart from the crashes caused by LUA errors in the mods

    Currently I am running two servers:
    terri #1 - 24 Slot
    This is a standard 24 slot server with NS2+. I havenít been able to successfully seed this server yet, so I may have to reduce the number of slots depending on how performance goes when it's full.

    terri #2 - Mods
    This server is running a set of modded games, most of the mods work best with smaller numbers of players so hopefully we can use the mods as a warm up and to add some variety when not many people are online - and then Switch to terri #1 or Oozle's servers when the numbers go up.

    Depending on which map is voted for the corresponding mod should automatically load. The following mods are currently available on the servser
    Gun Game -
    • gg_basic
    • gg_shelter
    • gg_mini_mario_2

    The Faded -
    • ns2_summit
    • ns2_tram
    • ns2_mineshaft
    • ns2_veil
    • ns2_lost

    Last Stand -
    • ns2_ls_pad
    • ns2_ls_hangar
    • ns2_ls_hellevator
    • ns2_ls_descent
    • ns2_ls_storm

    Defense -
    • Ns2_bunker

    NS2 Classic -
    • ns2_co_Core
    • ns2_co_faceoff

    Please leave any feedback on this thread of feel free to message me on discord (terribad)

    • Removed seige mod as it caused server to crash and added Defense mod
    • Removed ns2_ls_rockdown from rotation
    • Added ns_lost to rotation of both servers

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    Cheers for adding the spec slots, better than sitting in the queue. Wish people played on this one more


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      Servers will be offline for a week or two since my internet got shaped