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Monash NS2 Server Feedback & Suggestions

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  • Monash NS2 Server Feedback & Suggestions

    Making a thread so I can post bits of information, and people can easily contact me out in the open if required.

    First bit of information! The monash servers are going to all become "modded" which will remove them from the default server browser view (I believe). Mods currently include ns2stats, and badge mod. Apart from Combat running on #3. This should make it easier for other australian servers to operate in a modded mode.

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    Thanks mate, also cheers for the help the other day with server.exe


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      Added afk kick to first 3 servers. Private server is unaffected by this change.

      Settings are 4 minutes of AFK you are potentially kicked, with it set to 70% capacity to actually kick.

      so 18 player servers will kick you at capacity 13+
      and 24 player servers will kick you at 17+

      Or it may fail, if its not working properly please let me know.


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        I hope this means that UI is excluded from consistency.



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          naph just play legit troll


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            Endar i'm not sure if this works on my servers yet and I'm pretty sure my config is correct:

              "settings": {
                "end_round_on_team_unbalance": 0.4,
                "auto_kick_afk_time": 120,
                "rookie_friendly": false,
                "auto_team_balance": {
                  "enabled_after_seconds": 10,
                  "enabled_on_unbalance_amount": 2
                "auto_kick_afk_capacity": 0.5
              "tags": [ "" ]


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              Originally posted by naph
              I hope this means that UI is excluded from consistency.

              What does consistency have to do with afk kicks?

              And kid, those settings look good, it should be working?


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                Originally posted by Xao
                I assume it does since monash is the only server alien/gliss vision works on and the rest have it blocked, can also change cyst infestation but not models with workshop mods at least.
                Xao, was it you last night we were playing with and we had the worst commander of all time? Some dude with a 500 ping who couldn't figure out how to build a single cyst all game... good times in pub.

                And yes you are right, the default server config now blocks modifications to alien vision. Server admins need to specify not to have consistency checking look at *.screenfx files.


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                  Updated the consistency checks, since UWE has added more shit for the server to download, that the clients dont download via steam. If you are having any issues connecting please let me know.

                  Also combat is broken until its patched (obviously).


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                    Due to feedback received about map load times on Monash servers I've made some changes.

                    Just want to get this part out of the way:
                    The slow loading time was caused, without a doubt, by consistency checks.

                    Now that's done, I have not reduced the amount of of consistency checking occurring in fact I've increased it (slightly, thanks Jekt). The good news is due to some other changes the loading times should be vastly improved. I timed one load previously at 62 seconds (for just consistency, add in map and other stuff). It now takes 3 seconds for consistency and about 12 seconds for complete map load.

                    There could be issues as I've had to redesign the folder structures on the server and how updates are handled. I have also only done brief testing, so if theres any issues, let me know.


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                        can we get ns2stats on the private server with tourney mode since its main use is Scrimming.


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                          Yea sure, It's been on #4 at various times in the past. Not sure why its currently not running (as in, why I stopped it this time). I want to leave the servers alone for a while, after the changes i've just made to the configuration, ill probably do it on the weekend.


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                            remove the bloody 24p servers the game is NOT balanced properly for 12 v 12 on top of that server performance and rego I feel is hindered as well.

                            Personally after much jumping around on different sized servers 18p is perfect for pub


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                              18 is good, i don't mine 24 player server. run around solo trading quality for quantity is a good thing when playing pub in a sense of self improvement.